Ok, We just saw that Lost season premiere was on…

Now it´s time for a little review and recap of Lost.

Previously on…: The mysterious man in black vowed he’d one day “find a loophole” and kill Jacob. The New Locke got Ben to kill Jacob, whose last words were, “They’re coming.” Faraday laid out a plan to detonate a bomb into the under-construction Swan station back in 1977, but the bomb didn’t go off as planned. Juliet was pulled into the hole where the bomb was dropped and, at the bottom, bashed the bomb with a rock until a massive flash occurred.

Boom…: We opened on Jack looking out an airplane window. Some turbulence made him a little jittery, and Rose across the aisle told him, “It’s normal,” just as he’d told her back before Oceanic 815 crashed. There was more turbulence, but this time it passed.

“Looks like we made it,” Jack said. Bernard came back to his seat next to Rose. Jack got up to use the lavatory, where he noticed a cut on his neck. He came back to his seat to find Desmond had sat down next to his seat. Jack asked Desmond if he knew him and Desmond didn’t believe so. They met — again. Jack was puzzled.

Jack looked out the window again and this time we were taken on a special-effects-filled journey out the window and straight down into the deep blue ocean below. The camera went into the water and down to the ocean’s surface until it came upon the foot of the statue.


Back on the island, back in 1977, we again saw last season’s end, with Juliet smashing the bomb and creating the flash. This time, we came upon Kate who awoke to find herself hanging from a tree branch, her hearing muffled. She climbed down, shook the ringing out of her ears and proceeded to look around what appeared to be the island’s jungle. She ran into Miles, who couldn’t hear her. They came upon the Swan hatch, or at least what remained of it after Desmond blew it up, no longer in 1977. Then she found Jack lying on the ground nearby.

Jack looked down at the blown up Swan site and said, “They built it?” Kate confirmed, yes, they’d built it. Then Jack was cold-cocked out of the blue — by Sawyer, who yelled at him for being wrong about blowing up the Swan hatch and that he’d lost Juliet as a result.

Back on the plane, Jack went back toward the lavatory and ran into Kate’s federal agent, who was waiting for her to come out. Kate and the fed went back to their seats and Sawyer walked by. Hurley was telling a passenger the story of how he won the lottery and liked chicken, so he bought his Mr. Cluck’s Chicken corporation. When the man left, Sawyer was sitting close by and warned Hurley not to tell people he won the lottery because they might take advantage of him.

“Nothing bad ever happens to me,” Hurley said. “I’m the luckiest guy alive.”

Back on the island, Hurley and Jin were talking about the flash, trying to figure out what happened. Hurley held a shot Sayid in his lap and they heard Sawyer yelling at Jack in the distance. Jin ran to find them. Kate heard a voice under a scrap heap. It sounded like Juliet.

Meanwhile, Hurley was trying to care for Sayid, who asked Hurley what he thought would happen when he died. Sayid thought something bad would happen, and said, “I deserve it.”

Hurley was nervous with Jin gone and grabbed a gun when he heard a noise. A rustling from the brush was followed the appearance of Jacob.

Back on the plane, Sun and Jin sat next each other and Jin was being his old cold self to Sun. Locke was reading the emergency instructions for the plane and Boone, sitting in the same row, said they’d have no chance to survive a crash. Boone told Locke he’d gone to Australia to bring his sister home, but failed. Locke told Boone he’d been on a walkabout in Australia. Boone asked if he was lying and Locke asked why he would do that. “If this thing goes down,” Boone said, “I’m sticking with you.”

Back on the island, inside the statue where Ben killed Jacob, New Locke picked up the bloody knife and cleaned it off. Ben wondered why Jacob didn’t fight back and Locke said, “I guess he knew that he was beaten.” New Locke asked Ben to go outside and tell Richard he needed to talk to him.

Frank the pilot and Sun were outside trying to figure out who the people were who carried Locke’s body to the statue. Frank said he didn’t trust that they were “the good guys.”

Ben came out and told Richard that John wanted to talk to him, and Richard became angry. He grabbed Ben and dragged him over to the box, saying, “I’d be happy to talk to John, but before I do, I think you should talk to him first.” Then he pushed Ben down to the sand, right next to Locke’s body.

On another part of the island, Jack, Jin, Sawyer and Kate struggled to move the scraps of metal out of the way to get to Juliet.

Hurley asked Jacob what he was doing there. Jacob went to Sayid’s body and knelt down next to him. Jacob told Hurley that Jin wouldn’t be able to see him, “because I died an hour ago.” Jacob explained that he was killed “by an old friend who tired of my company.” Jacob told Hurley he needed to take Sayid to the temple to be saved. He said Jin would know where the temple was, and how to get into it through a hole in the wall that he’d been to with the French team, and he told Hurley to bring the guitar case that Jacob had given him.

Jin, who’d gone to get the van to help pull metal off the pile where Juliet was believed to be, told Hurley he knew where the temple could be found. Sawyer was upset and told Kate that if they could save Juliet he’d kill Jack.

Back on the plane, a flight attendant asked for a doctor and Jack volunteered himself. She said a man had been in the lavatory for 30 minutes and there was no sound. Sayid volunteered to kick open the door and Jack discovered the man inside was not breathing. It was Charlie.

Jack and Sayid tried to resuscitate Charlie. Jack realized something was blocking his air passage and Jack pulled a bag of heroin from Charlie’s throat. Charlie gasped back to life and asked, “Am I alive?” Jack told him he was alive, and Charlie said, “Terrific.” But he didn’t seem entirely happy about it.

Back on the island, the guys pulled enough heaps of metal away to left Sawyer get to Juliet. He pulled her from the heap. She was bloodied and unconscious, but slowly opened her eyes. She asked where they were and Sawyer told her that didn’t matter.

“It didn’t work,” she said. “We’re still on the island.”

She then explained that she hit the bomb because she wanted Sawyer to be able to go home. Back with Sayid, Jack said his bleeding wouldn’t stop. Hurley told them about the temple. He said Jacob told him about it and Jack asked who Jacob was. “Does it matter?” Hurley asked.

Richard asked Ben what happened to Jacob. Ben told him to go inside the statue and find out. One of the new “good guys” then grabbed Ben and took him into the statue. The good guys walked inside, heavily armed, and asked New Locke where Jacob was. He told them Jacob was dead and told them Jacob burned up in the fire. They began shooting, apparently hitting New Locke, but he disappeared. Then one of the guys found the bullet that appeared to hit him. Suddenly, the smoke monster re-emerged, grabbing each of the men and tossing them around, onto the ground and into walls. One of the guys took a bag of black powder and spread it in a circle on the ground around his feet. The smoke came toward him and hesitated for a moment, but the powder did nothing and the smoke monster grabbed the guy just like he did all the others and killed him. Ben was the only man still alive inside the statue. Then he turned around to find New Locke standing behind him, saying, “I’m sorry you had to see me like that.”

Back on the other side of the island, Sawyer pulled Juliet out of the scrap heap and they kissed. Then she said she had to tell him something “really, really important.” But before she could say anything, she was gone. Sawyer, holding Juliet in his arms, then looked up and saw Jack looking down at the exploded Swan site. Sawyer told Jack, “You did this.”

Back on the plane, Charlie told Jack he should have “let that happen.” “I was supposed to die,” Charlie said.

Jack went back to his seat and saw that Desmond was no longer in his row. The pilot said they were about to land in Los Angeles. We caught glimpses of each of the survivors preparing to land in Los Angeles to the destinies that awaited them before their Sydney-to-L.A. flight crashed in the first place. The plane touched down, safe and sound. Police officials came to escort Charlie off. Kate was then taken off the plane by her federal escort, and everyone else filed off. Boone and Locke shook hands, but Locke stayed in his seat, awaiting a wheelchair that would take him off.
Back on the island, the guys were preparing to take Sayid to the temple. Hurley pulled out the guitar case, but didn’t tell Hurley what was in it after having told him it wasn’t a guitar. Sawyer was preparing to bury Juliet. Kate told Sawyer she’d leave a trail so he could follow them when he was done, but Sawyer said he wasn’t going to follow anyone.

Back at LAX, Jack was paged to the Oceanic desk, where he was told that his father’s coffin was never put on the plane. They didn’t know when it would arrive because they weren’t sure where it was.

Back on the island, Jack, Kate, Jin and Hurley arrived at the temple with Sayid in tow. Hurley found the hole in the ground and they went in. They found a skeleton with a missing arm, and Jin said the arm was ripped off by the smoke monster. They went further in and had to work around a large hole. Kate walked just slightly ahead of the group and seemed to have vanished. Jack went looking for her, then he heard Hurley screaming from another part of the temple. Jack heard footsteps as he looked around, but saw nothing until he was grabbed and punched in the face. They were led by a new gang of strangers into the innards of the temple, which led to an open-air courtyard with some folks who looked like monks.

“Guess who found the temple,” Hurley said.

Back at LAX, Kate convinced her fed to let her use the restroom. Inside the stall, she opened up a pen and began working on her handcuffs while Edward waited outside. She’d fumbled with the spring inside the pen, but used the rest of it to try unlocking her handcuffs. When Edward noticed the spring he demanded she come out. She kicked open the stall and knocked him backward, then she slammed his head onto the counter. She took his gun and as she struggled to do something with his body, two women walked in and she told them that he’d come into the bathroom and attacked her. She left, saying she had to get out of there. She raced into an elevator where Sawyer was inside. He recognized her from their flight and caught a glimpse of her handcuff, but said nothing. Two security guards came in and got a message on the radio about a “341.” Sawyer asked what it was, and the guard said it’s confidential. “Well if it’s confidential, how am I supposed to know if I see one?” He smirked slightly at Kate and when the doors opened, he insisted the guards let the lady out first.

Back on the island, Sawyer and Miles were working on Juliet’s grave. Sawyer wanted Miles to tell him what Juliet wanted to say. Miles said it didn’t matter, but Sawyer pushed him to the ground and demanded that Miles use his gift to figure out what she wanted to tell him. Miles held his hands over Juliet’s grave and felt some sensations. Then he said, “It worked.” That was what Juliet wanted to tell him. “It worked.”

Sawyer, confused, walked away.

Back at the temple, the apparent leader asked who Jack, Kate, Hurley and Jin were, and a woman — a longer-haired version of the flight attendant on the plane — said she recognized them from the flight. The leader gave the command to shoot them, and they all shouted before Hurley said, “Jacob sent us!” The leader wanted Hurley to prove that Jacob sent them, and Hurley remembered the guitar case. The leader opened the case and saw a large wooden cross. Then he snapped it over his leg, pulling out a note.

The leader asked for their names, and they all recited their names, one by one, with Jack giving Sayid’s name on his behalf. The leader decided to let them live, but Hurley wanted to know what the paper said. The leader’s right-hand man told Hurley, “The paper says that if your friend there dies, we’re all in a lot of trouble.”

Back at LAX, Jin was getting nervous as a customs agent checked his belongings. A nice watch made them suspicious about what he’d declared. Then they found a stash of cash he didn’t declare and took him away. Another agent asked Sun if she spoke English and whether it was all just a misunderstanding. Sun claimed she didn’t know English.

Back in the temple, they took Sayid into another structure and looked at a bubbling pool of brownish water. The leader’s assistant asked why the water wasn’t clear. The leader cut his own hand and dipped it into the water. He looked puzzled and asked “Who did this?” Jack said he was responsible for Sayid’s shooting. He told the leader he didn’t shoot him, but said it was his fault. The leader said there would be risks with what they’d do to Sayid, and Jack told them to do what they had to do. Some men carried Sayid into the water while the leader turned an hourglass over. They held Sayid under the water as his body began to flail and Jack, Hurley and Jin wondered what they were waiting for. The leader continued to look at the sands in the hourglass. The tension mounted until the hourglass cycle was complete and Sayid went limp in the water. The leader ordered the men to pull him out and they did. Sayid was brought to the leader’s feet. Sayid was dead.

Jack walked over, distraught, and started pumping Sayid’s chest. Kate told Jack to stop, and he did.

Back at LAX, Sayid picked up his bags while Kate tried to escape unnoticed. She watched a woman punch a code into a “restricted access” door, then went through it, punching in the same code. She was outside. She spotted Edward and he spotted her. She jumped into a cab and held a gun to his head, telling him to drive. The cab already had a passenger. It was Claire. The cab drove away as Edward followed in vain.

Back at the temple, Jack and Kate sat near Sayid’s body. Sawyer and Miles were brought inside, and Sawyer was unconscious, knocked out by a rock. The leader’s assistant asked Hurley to come talk to the leader. The leader asked what Jacob said, and wanted to know when Jacob would arrive. Hurley said he didn’t think Jacob would go to the temple because Jacob was dead. The leader looked stunned and everyone was mobilized. People began pouring powder around the edges of the temple, and flares were shot into the sky. The assistant told Hurley that all the commotion was “to keep you in, and it’s to keep him out.”

“Him?” Hurley asked. “Who?”

Back in the statue, Ben asked New Locke if he was the monster. Ben realized New Locke couldn’t kill Jacob himself and used him instead. New Locke told Ben that Old Locke was confused when Ben killed him. He said Old Locke’s last thoughts were, “I don’t understand.” New Locke recalled that when Old Locke first came to the island, he was a sad, victimized man. “He was weak and pathetic and irreparably broken,” New Locke said. He also said it was admirable that Old Locke was the only one who realized “how pitiful the life he left behind actually was.”

Ben asked New Locke what he wanted. He said the irony was that he wanted “the one thing that John Locke didn’t. I want to go home.”

Hurley leaned over Sayid’s body and told him, “If you ever want to talk, I’m around.” Miles overheard this and looked at Hurley.

Sawyer came to and Kate told him they were in a temple, being protected by another group of strangers. Sawyer looked over at Jack, scowling. He told Kate he wasn’t going to kill him. “He deserves to suffer on this rock just like the rest of us.”

Back at LAX, Jack was on the phone with his mom, trying to figure out alternative funeral arrangements. Locke was in the same room and asked what he’d lost. They’d also lost one of Locke’s bags. Locke got all philosophical on Jack when he said the airline claimed they didn’t know where Jack’s father was. “They didn’t lose your father. They just lost his body,” Locke said.

Locke told Jack that all he had in his bags were a bunch of knives. Jack asked Locke what happened to him, and told him he was a spinal surgeon. Locke said surgery wouldn’t help him because his condition was irreversible.

“Nothing is irreversible,” Jack said. He gave Locke his card and said a consult would be on the house.

Back on the island, Alpert saw the flares in the air and turned around to see New Locke emerge from the statue with Ben next to him. New Locke walked up to Alpert and said it was “good to see you out of those chains.” Then he knocked Alpert out with a shot to throat and a knee to the head. New Locke then turned around and declared, “I am very disappointed in all of you!”

Then he carried Alpert away, walking past Old Locke’s body as he departed.

Back in the temple, the leader’s assistant told Jack he needed to go talk to the leader. Jack refused to go and was tussling with some of the guard guys when Hurley noticed Sayid was moving.

Everyone looked over as Sayid sat up, looked at them and said, “What happened?”


Author: WerewolfBarMitzvah for IMDB