Rescue Me is a show with great plots. And last night a new episode of Rescue Me aired, this one called Jimmy. In a post with many Rescue Me spoilers

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Rescue Me 5×04 – Jimmy

Tommy drops by Lou’s, where Lou has cleaned out the bedroom for him. There are piles of clothes everywhere, one clean and one dirty. Lou takes Tommy’s coffee and tosses it in the “garbage” — the other room. Tommy notices a box of stuff from Genvieve. This leads to Tommy sussing out that Lou is trying to use 9/11 to get laid. Lou says they connected, not knowing that she and Tommy actually did last night.

On a call, Sean asks if anyone’s tried acupuncture. His back is still killing him. They get to the scene and are told there was a big explosion. Someone worries it might be a bomb. Lou knows it’s steam, pouring out from the city’s ancient underground infrastructure. A manhole cover blows behind them, steam shooting out. Then another. The covers go flying. They see a guy stuck in his truck with a giant sinkhole filled with steam-heated water in front of the truck. Lou climbs in to get the driver and the truck tips forward. The crew grabs the driver as the truck tips further into the pit, barely getting them both out in time.

At the station, Lou tells Genevieve he might have some writing for her to look at by tomorrow. He tells her to call him Ken, his actual name. She asks Tommy to watch the footage she gave Lou. He says no. She thinks he’s just mad his girlfriend threw him out. She whispers something in his ear. Lou sees it.

Sheila meets with her dramatherapist, who tells her that she needs to face a few facts, like her anger over Tommy. She’s not angry, not at all, hear that? He says her anger is based on the fact that her husband is gone and she’s transferred all of her feelings on to Tommy. Her frustrations that Jimmy died and left her with a son who now wants to do what killed his dad. He says she’s keeping Tommy around so she can blame him. He tells her to stop blaming him and focus on Damian. Her son is going to be a firefighter regardless of what she says.

Tommy plays the DVD of 9/11 footage. He looks at the smoking towers and puts in another disc. Then another. He rewinds. He sees Jimmy in a crowd of firefighters. He calls cousin Mickey. He’s freaking out because the footage is after the first tower came down and Jimmy died in the first tower. Mickey tells Tommy to go to a meeting ASAP.

At the White bar, Franco, Mike and Sean try to remove the black paint they put everywhere. Mike says that a psychic told him if they fail they dishonor his mother’s memory. Black Shawn says it doesn’t matter what it looks like, as long as people think it’s hot. Go underground. Mike says he’ll need to check with his mom first.

A guy from the New York state liquor board drops by. He tells them their liquor license is invalid. He had an arrangement with the previous owners that involved them giving him money every week and him not reporting them. Mike gets his checkbook.

In the firehouse kitchen, Sean tells Lou about an issue he had that morning. Then Franco and Shawn come in and they have a conversation about how Sean was able to make the most of his on-line porn that morning. Black Shawn suggests that perhaps Sean was using improper technique. “Excuse me but I think I know how to handle myself with care,” Sean says. “Maybe you just don’t find yourself attractive anymore,” Franco suggests.

Sean has a doctor’s appointment later.

Tommy walks in on Mike in the locker room, making some notes for the next time he talks to his mom through the psychic. Mike insists the psychic is a real doctor, of “psychic stuff.” He says she knew things about his house that made him believe her. Tommy thinks he should talk to her. He asks Mike to make an appointment for him.

Janet drops by the firehouse to ask Tommy if he told their daughter to have sex with her boyfriend. He confesses. She loves his “secret evil plan” because it’ll break them up. Tommy says he has nothing against Black Shawn. Janet asks him what about the “other thing.” He thinks she means that he’s black. But no, she means that he’s a firefighter, which means that Colleen will always have to worry about him coming home safe. Janet doesn’t care who Colleen marries, as long as it’s not a fireman. So if he really loves her daughter, he’ll make sure she has sex with her boyfriend.

Genevieve tells Lou she’s at a loss for words after reading his stuff. She’s blown away. It brought tears to her eyes. Tommy joins them. When Lou brags about Genevieve’s raves, Tommy asks how much of the footage he watched. Lou says all of it, lying. He invites Genevieve to the bar opening that night. She leaves.

Lou ask why Tommy was trying to c— block him with Genevieve. Tommy rags on him for lying about watching the footage. Lou stands and starts shouting, asking Tommy if he really thinks he needs to watch footage to remember what it was like that day. He tells Tommy that he wasn’t the only one down there that day, and sometimes he needs to be reminded of it.

Tommy meets with the psychic and starts by telling her he doesn’t believe in what she does. She tells him she didn’t expect so much skepticism from someone who carries the gift. She says it must be a burden for him to carry those spirits for so long, only to have them abandon him. She starts talking about Jimmy and Damian. He thinks she looked him up. He leaves.

He takes a cab to the bar. He gets a call from his sponsee Derek. Apparently Tommy got him a job in the new bar. Tommy watches the TV in the back of the cab and sees the footage of Jimmy on 9/11. At the new bar, Franco’s working the door, where they’ve arranged for a line of men to stand outside as if it’s full. Hot girls walk up and when Franco says he can’t let them in, they flash him. Apparently the underground approach is working.

Mike works the bar inside, telling Lou that the doctor said he might have a slipped disc. He’s still in pain. Cousin Mickey shows up. Derek called him when he couldn’t get ahold of Tommy. Mickey drags him outside. He can’t believe Tommy got Derek a job as a bar back. Derek calls from inside, calling Tommy “pally” again. Tommy fires him. Tommy tells Mickey he’s seeing someone for the Jimmy issue. A psychic. Mickey thinks they should go to a meeting. Tommy goes back inside the bar instead.

Inside, Mike tells Tommy that Derek was a good worker. Tommy rehires him.

Mike and Tommy talk about the psychic. He says she was eager to meet him. Mike told her a lot about him, including about Jimmy.

Tommy storms into the doctor’s office, interrupting her session. He accuses her of making money off people suffering from loss and grief and throwing it back in their faces. He calls her a carnie. He’s about to leave. She tells him the footage doesn’t lie. “He” wants Tommy to know the truth about what happened to him that day.

A montage to music: Tommy goes back to Lou’s and sits in the dark. Sheila cleans out all the pictures of Tommy from her apartment. The bar is packed, a line of hot girls waits to get in. Sheila rips up Tommy pictures. Lou whispers sweet nothings in Genevieve’s ear. Colleen and Black Shawn make out in the store room. Tommy rewatches the footage of Jimmy on 9/11. Sheila lights all of the pictures of Tommy and watches them burn. Tommy pauses the footage. Jimmy stares back at him.

Author: MollyWillow for IMDB