Rescue Me is a show with great plots and of course great Dennis Leary. And last night a new episode of Rescue Me aired, this one called Perspective. In a post with many Rescue Me spoilers.

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Rescue Me 5×06 – Perspective

Tommy and Mickey come out of a meeting. Tommy says the meetings are making him feel like drinking again. Mickey calls Derek over to recognize a major milestone. He gives Tommy his one year chip. Tommy doesn’t want it but takes it reluctantly.

Janet finds Tommy at the firehouse. She’s there to talk about Katie. She’s in a school play and feels bad that she lied to him. He asks her if she ever wishes they could do it all over again and be with somebody else. He pushes her against a fire truck and they fight in their Gavin way, where you can’t tell if they’re going to hit each other or do it. Janet says Katie wanted to go away and she’s happy. It’s a big deal that she wants them at the play.

Needles comes for Tommy and addresses the guys. He shows Franco the picture of him at the 9/11 conspiracy rally from some blog. Franco’s on shaky ground. Tommy reminds Franco that he represents 62 truck where ever he goes. The whole house gets into it and Sean stands up, shouting, telling them that there’s other stuff going on in the world, people are dying every day. He storms off.

Genevieve asks Tommy what she has to do to get him to share his experience of that day. She wants to go to Ground Zero with him. He says he’ll go tomorrow.

Lou tries to reassure Black Shawn that he should be excited that Colleen knows everything she does in bed. Shawn starts listing off ice cream, marshmallows, peanut butter…and Lou gets confused, he doesn’t know if he’s hungry or horny. And then there’s the biting, Shawn says. Shawn says it’s not right when a man in a relationship knows less then his lady. He wants out, but he doesn’t know how to tell Tommy his daughters a slut.

Sean meets with his doctor. Kidney cancers are resistant to chemo and radiation. But they could try immunotherapy, which involves serious drugs with serious side effects. Extreme exhaustion, low blood pressure, heart attack, intestinal bleeding, fever and chills, mental changes… The doctor thinks surgery is the way to go, take the kidney out. Sean asks how much it is. The doctor laughs, saying if he’s not insured through the fire department he’s going to ask him to leave right now. But Sean’s serious. It’s about $12,000.

Tommy comes home to Lou’s to find he’s tidied somewhat. Tommy works up to telling Lou that he’s never pulled anything as low rent as using 9/11 footage to try to bait and hook a chick he hasn’t the slightest shot with. Lou thinks he does because she’s a writer. They start jawing at each other. Tommy tells Lou that Genevieve has hit on him twice. Tommy says never in a million years will she sleep with Lou. Lou says he thought they were friends but he was clearly wrong. He’s just an overweight satellite orbiting in the universe of Gavin, apologizing for him when he acts like a jerk. Lou storms out. Tommy responds by throwing whatever is handy.

On the way back from a call Tommy and Lou swear at each other (one is called Turdmaster General), critiquing their performance on the call and coming up with ever more insulting names. Franco suggests they stop living together.

They get back to the firehouse and a swarm of firefighters from Brooklyn confront Franco over the conspiracy photo. Tommy tells them he happens to agree with them, but there’s no point getting into it. They tell Franco to watch his mouth. They’re turning to walk away when Black Shawn starts threatening to go kung fu on them. The big one cold cocks him and the 62 truck guys are forced to defend him. Needles pulls up and calms things by hosing them with a fire extinguisher. He turns to Franco and tells him this is what happens.

In the kitchen Needles chews everybody out for brawling publicly. He accuses them of having no respect for him. He knows he got bumped up because they lost so many guys on 9/11. But the next time they better listen. On their way out, everybody rags on Franco.

Sean stops Mike on his way out with $24,000 in cash from the bar. Sean offers to hide it for him because Mike should know that one night he’ll be drunk in a bar and tell a chick he has a huge bag of cash and ask if they want to see. Mike, seeing no fault with this logic, gives Sean the bag.

Franco runs into Sheila outside the firehouse. She asks him about the blog. He says he’s done a lot of research. She tells him not to turn her husband’s death into a hobby.

Tommy goes to Ground Zero with Genevieve.

Sean counts cash in the back of the bar. Franco knocks on the door, needing his keys.

Tommy and Genevieve sit in a bar overlooking Ground Zero. He orders a Jameson to not drink. She asks him how many times he’s been visited by his cousin. He tells her about that day in the tower, getting people with Jimmy and then losing track of him. He was OK with thinking he went in the first tower. He thinks it was the single greatest rescue service in the history of the department. But when she came up with proof that Jimmy went into the second tower that made Tommy think he could have gone in to grab him. He has a recurring nightmare about what Jimmy’s last few seconds must have been like.

Genevieve asks what if he never sees Jimmy again. Tommy picks up his Jameson’s and downs it.

He leaves his one year chip in the glass.

Damian whines to Mike about probie school. He needs to bulk up and cut his hair. Mike refuses to serve him.

Sean comes in telling Mike he counted the cash wrong, it wasn’t $24,000 it was $21,000. Sean’s going to get Mike one of the counting things, a “hibiscus.”

Walking from the bar, Genevieve tells Tommy he should talk about his demons because vulnerability is attractive. She says France tried to warn the U.S. because of its experience with Algerians, but they didn’t listen. She wants to do a book about it because of the way the world rallied around the U.S. afterward. But then they took that good will and started two new wars, in the name of what? Tommy says, first of all, he doesn’t know s— about Algerians and second, he wanted revenge. Every war is about revenge, she says. She rolls her eyes at him and goes home. Alone.

Author: MollyWillow for IMDB