The moment you all been waiting for. The Big Bang Theory was back with a new episode.

So, what happened on The Big Bang Theory S03E13 The Bozeman Reaction? A post filled with The Big Bang Theory Quotes and Spoilers, so… you are all warned.

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Complete Recap, Quotes and Spoilers of The Big Bang Theory S03E13 The Bozeman Reaction

It’s a night out for the guys at a Chinese restaurant. Of course, Sheldon is suspicious that the General Tso’s Chicken is no longer a specialty, and now they have shrimp in “mobster sauce.” He doesn’t want to eat at a place that could be a front, so he suggests they get a pizza at Corleone’s. They make it home to find their place robbed. The TV is gone, so are their laptops, but the good news is, Sheldon’s comic books were spared. (It’s a good point. The crooks would have done much better if the collection was decent enough.)

After receiving little help from the police, even though Sheldon knew they took their Playstations (1, 2, and 3), Xbox, Xbox 360, Classic Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64…and Wii (“We like games.”), Sheldon is not doing well. He thinks he hears a sound outside and locks his bedroom door…and puts the bookcase in front of it. But he is master of his own bladder. (“Drat!”) Penny is upset that she wasn’t there at the time the robbers were, as she would have gone Nebraska on them with her baseball bat. They should keep the bat handy, as Sheldon is too scared to sleep in his apartment, although he concedes her couch is too small for the two of them if he’s in their bed. They regretfully agree to stay up with him, and one fly-over-their-head of Pictionary later, Leonard and Penny go off to bed. However, Sheldon can’t, so he watches TV on his mobile phone. Ah, exactly what he needs: a good slasher flick.

Howard and Raj come to their rescue with motion sensors, facial recognition cameras, software to control everything, even a net for capturing a robber. It’ll take a while for Howard to get the materials from the Department of Defense to electrify the net. But the successful test works…on Penny. It works great until Sheldon hears a noise outside once again. He crawls out of his window and over to Leonard’s to see what’s going on. As it happens, Leonard and Penny were going on…or trying to…and accidentally knocked over a lamp. Sheldon apologized and left the room. He walked right into the trap, complete with an electrified net, which worked beautifully.

Rather than be snagged by his home security system, he decides to move to the safest city in America: Bozeman, Montana. He leaves a goodbye message on his computer for his three friends and one acquaintance (huh?) and takes the bus to Bozeman. He meets a friendly person who will help him with his bags. Or should I say, help him TO his bags. One robbery in the Bozeman bus depot later, and he is heading back to Pasadena. He greets Leonard, Raj, and his treasured acquaintance, Howard.

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