We already talked about Hallmark Special Martha Stewart Presents: Men Who Make Us Laugh that premieres Sunday March 27th. Now there´s something more about this interview special from The Queen of baking, two of the interviews were announced: The queen of home and hearth takes a departure in this revealing hour to interview a couple of late-night comedy icons named Conan O’Brien and Seth Meyers, guys who have paid their dues and stood the test of time in the most competitive of entertainment arenas. Martha engages both funnymen in lively and candid conversation that covers their inspirations, their work lives, and how they manage to balance the personal with the professional. Conan, of course, has seemingly emulated a cat with nine lives in going from writer for The Simpsons to late-night institution to pariah to institution again. O’Brien is a genius at both sketch and improvisational comedy, which continues to endear him to the college crowd. Then there is Meyers, a far less controversial but equally talented writer and satirist who has now been a mainstay on Saturday Night Live for a decade. As one of the most likeable SNL vets, Meyers  has remained a popular presence as the Weekend Update anchor and the show’s head writer. It’s rare that Seth and Conan sit still long enough to cast reflective glances into the mirror, but Stewart deftly puts each man at ease to uncover what makes them tick once that camera flips off. The hour is packed with both heartfelt reflection and tons of laughs, all of it spiced by Martha’s inimitable passion, style and innate ability to draw out her subjects. Don’t you dare miss it!

Seth takes a trip to Martha’s Bedford home where his introduction to feeding the chickens, taking care of the donkeys and horseback riding with Martha provides some serious comedic fodder and Martha’s revelation that Seth should keep his day job; in Martha’ s candid conversation with longtime pal O’Brien (some of which takes place while the two are relaxing in oversized massage chairs), viewers will get a backstage pass to the set of Conan’s new home on the Warner Bros. lot in Hollywood, discover how he keeps his trademark pompadour perfectly coiffed, get his take on social media and how it reconnected him to his fans, hear a bit about his insecurities and will hear how his show is more “Conan” than ever before.

What do you think about Hallmark Special “Martha Stewart presents: Men Who Make Us Laugh” featuring Conan O´Brien and Seth Meyers? Will you watch it?

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