Who wouldn’t want to visit The Playboy Club in London, right? Well, folks at NBC are making it a little easier.
On The Playboy Club Facebook page, they are currently running a sweepstakes that gives viewers the chance to win a trip to The Playboy Club in London.  Fans must watch a series of five short videos and answer the question that follows, answer all five correctly and they will become a VIP and in the running for the sweepstakes.

But you can cheat a little… and watch the preview videos of The Playboy Club

Welcome to The Playboy Club – Video Preview

The Playboy Club A provocative new drama about a time and place in which a visionary created an empire, and an icon changed American culture

All You Need Is the Key… Video Preview

Step inside the seductive world of the Bunny

Meet the Very First Bunny Video Preview

Carol-Lynne was the very first Bunny. She can do almost anything she wants.

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