Corpse Run, the new movie featuring Brea Grant from Heroes is premiering Cinequest February 27th.

You can check out also the official Corpse Run Page, but let me warn you, the official blog is not good… don´t judge the movie by its blog, please!

What is Corpse Run about?

Kei is Nick’s first lasting relationship. She is real, tangible, and Nick has a real shot at happiness. Yet, Nick finds comfort in a virtual world, where he is a champion; a true rock star in a world that needs rock stars. He knows what to expect in the virtual world, so when faced with the chance at something real, can he accept the unknown? Only one way to find out.

Sharp-witted and fast-paced, John-Michael Thomas’ coming-of-age tale features a hip style and cast (including Thomas himself and Brea Grant from the hit TV show Heroes). Corpse Run is a hilarious take on the maturation of the video game generation and how they choose to come to terms with the life that exists outside of their multi-colored pixel window to the World. And no, Thomas admits he is not a hard core gamer, he just plays one in the movies!

Corpse Run Cast and Crew

  • Director John-Michael Thomas
  • Producer Danielle Jacobs
  • Executive Producer Jane Thomas, N.L. Thomas Jr. Writer John-Michael Thomas
  • Editor Ratael Vega
  • Director of Photography Ben Staley
  • Music Mary Kouyoumdjian


  • Brea Grant
  • Jen Nikoliasen
  • Parker Phillips
  • Skylar T Adams
  • John-Michael Thomas

Watch Corpse Run premiering February 27th… It looks like a good movie.