cougar-town-s02e10-the-same-old-you-spoilers-quotesOk, so Cougar Town is the best show with the worst name. And the ensemble cast from the show (Courteney Cox, Busy Phillips, Christa Miller, Ian Gomez, Dan Byrd and Josh Hopkins is great in the chemistry department. In this episode, Jules wants to help Bobby gain his confidence back and thinks fixing up his boat and getting it back in the water will do the trick. Meanwhile, Ellie looks to dig up some dirt on Grayson and discovers a hilarious fact about his past, Kirsten grows jealous of the obvious connection between Travis and Laurie, and Bobby tries to qualify for a golf tournament with Andy as his caddie.

Quotes from Cougar Town S02E10 – The Same Old You

Andy: My wife was eaaaasyyyy. I know

Grayson: Tell me more about ShotSlut

Ellie: Still, horsie

Andy: Bobby Batman Cobb, we believe in you!
Jules: What?
Andy: One of our little things is that we pretend that his middle name is Batman and mine is Robin and together we…
Jules: Ok

Jules: Ok… look Batman, Robin´s right

Ellie: Welcome to your past Biotch

Laurie: Whatever, you laugh like a cartoon woodpecker

Jules: I put a door on your microwave
Andy: To protect your junk

Ellie: That´s what friendship means to me. Have enough crap on someone so they never reveal the crap they have on you. I feel closer to you than ever

Grayson: You are a scary woman
Ellie: I try

Bobby: I hate moments of truth… well like most moments

Andy: You´ll do this, remember, you are Bobby Cobb
Bobby: Yeah, that´s what worries me

Jules: The old Bobby used to hang out with guys named Bitchslap… now look at your friends, they all love you

Recap from Cougar Town S02E10 – The Same Old You

Recap by MurphAndTheMagicTones

This is that episode of Cougar Town where they drink wine. (Oh, wait, that’s like saying that episode of Three’s Company where there’s some kind of misunderstanding) But at least we’re in on the joke this week, as Laurie (Busy Philipps) ponders why they never talk about work. Must be because their jobs are boring and repetitive.

ELLIE: Oh, that’s right. Your jobs are lame.

JULES: Strong words from someone who spent her 20s as a tequila shot girl at a dive bar.

But aside from knowing Jules’ (Courteney Cox) nickname in high school (slug-tongue, and it really doesn’t need explaining, does it?), Ellie (Christa Miller) doesn’t know much dirt about anybody, especially Grayson (Josh Hopkins). But she figures that’s what the Internet is for.

Kirsten doesn’t want Travis (Dan Byrd) to go home for the weekend, and one of Bobby’s (Brian Van Holt) clients is convinced he should go to the PGA qualifying tournament in Sarasota. Jules agrees, as does Robin…sorry, Andy (Ian Gomez).

JULES: Look, Andy is right. You…really? Are you both sulking? Fine. Batman, Robin is right!

As Ellie pours over her research into Grayson’s past…complete with YouTube clips of the Mister Miami competition of the 1980s, Kirsten takes Travis to a sorority party. He thinks it’s cool to actually show up with a date, but Laurie being there and dispensing advice to the sorority sisters isn’t as cool.

Jules explains why she wanted Bobby in that golf tournament so much: he was a golfing “god” back when she fell in love with him. Golden hair, ripped body which didn’t age well, as we were shown, and he was full of confidence. Jules has a plan to rid whatever it is that is keeping Bobby down. She even breaks out the white wine, because it’s the “thinking wine.” Their idea to give Bobby confidence is to give him a home. Specifically, to spruce up his boat and get him a slip at the marina so he has a real address. Although Ellie will settle for a sparkly vest. Worked for Grayson, right? And now he’s on the Internet.

Laurie confesses to Travis and Kirsten why she was pretending to be a sorority girl. She did it in her twenties to drink for free and get anything she needed. However, the girls were turning to her for advice now, even using her vernacular (“That girl Karen is such a bitch. She’s a total Ellie!”) Travis thinks it’s cute, and he thinks it’s even cuter how Laurie is self-conscious about her laugh. And Kirsten is wondering what the hell is going on.

While Bobby is occupied at Travis’ school by being dared to eat an entire tub of cheesy popcorn (even by Kirsten and Kevin), Jules, Ellie, Grayson, and Andy go Extreme Makeover: Ocean Edition on the Jealous Much?. It’s an annoying 80’s movie montage, so Ellie turns off the music. (Awww, Katrina and the Waves NEVER went out of style!) Ellie prefers the sweaty, angry montage…which still features Katrina and the Waves for some reason. They manage to get plenty of paint on each other, not as much on the boat. But Grayson did find a nice 80’s style picture of Ellie. Sort of like what Sinead O’Connor would look like with hair…and the same attitude issues. But it does work. Bobby is so appreciative, he goes to the tournament and is doing great. If Andy would realize you don’t talk to a golfer in the zone like you don’t talk to a pitcher in the middle of a no-hitter. And then Andy says the worst thing you can: “What could possibly go wrong?” Followed by Bobby shanking a tee shot, having it ricochet off the tree, and knocking Andy unconscious.

Laurie invites Travis and “girlfriend” to another sorority party to raise money for a sorority sister’s rhinoplasty, but Kirsten wants to take a pass, since she thinks sororities are elitist. Travis disagrees and Kirsten storms off. Surprisingly, it takes Bobby to point out Kirsten is jealous of Travis and Laurie’s relationship. But to be fair, he had to wake up from the cheesy popcorn effects. Laurie and Travis go into full denial, naturally. Laurie claims she’s as flirty with Travis as she is with everyone else. And the conversation starts getting a bit awkward. Laurie actually contemplated how Jules would react if she dated Travis. Kirsten returns to apologize, only to see Laurie still there. But Laurie apologizes and leaves. Travis plays along for Kirsten’s benefit.

As Bobby limps along without his good-luck caddie in a state of coherence, Grayson and Ellie try to one-up each other on the dirt. Ellie brings out the Hot Florida Bartender Calendar, complete with Grayson in a Speedo, while Grayson fishes out Ellie’s Real World audition tape and a picture of her braces catching another girl’s hair. But both finally realize that’s their rather insane definition of friendship: to have enough crap on someone to prevent that person from revealing the crap about them. Given that Ellie had a tearful voicemail of Grayson telling the woman who took his virginity he loved her, he was happy to call it a stalemate.

Everybody gathers for the relocating of the Jealous Much?, and Jules couldn’t be more proud. And then they place the boat in the water. And it sinks right to the bottom of the harbor. But Jules points out Bobby is able to laugh about it now instead of fall apart like he would have a few years ago. He’s more confident now, and everybody loves him for it. And all of them were there when he made that final putt to qualify for the PGA Tournament.

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