cougar-town-s02e11-no-reason-to-cry-spoilers-quotesOk, so Cougar Town is the best show with the worst name. And the ensemble cast from the show (Courteney Cox, Busy Phillips, Christa Miller, Ian Gomez, Dan Byrd and Josh Hopkins is great in the chemistry department. In this episode, when Grayson doesn’t share Jules’ sadness on a series of unfortunate but accidental events, she questions whether they’re meant to be together. Meanwhile, Travis’ new girlfriend throws Bobby off his golf game, and Ellie gets upset with Andy when he uses their joke on Laurie.

Best Quotes from Cougar Town S02E11 – No Reason to Cry

Grayson: I almost killed a lizard
Jules: Oh nice story
Grayson: I´m still working on it

Jules: What?
Kirsten: Nothing creepy or weird

Jules: You are slow moving wuss

Ellie: He knows how to use the word love, so that´s not the problem

Ellie: You ruin everyhting

Coffee Guy: A non fat teeny tiny for Laurie

Bobby: I just keep my brain pfff empty

Kirsten: This is going to make you angry. He´s basically a talking dog.
Travis: Oh. It doesn´t make me angry. We all say that about him

Kirsten: Oh My God. I let a nerd see me naked

Ellie: What´s with talking dog? He usually doesn´t look up from his bowl until it´s empty

Kirsten: What happens?
Travis: You meddled. Now they come for you

Grayson: It´s not the same quirrell

Andy: 3 O´Clock. Quickie tiiime

Andy: So definite no on the quickie?

Grayson: I didn´t laugh
Jules: Thank you
Grayson: Happy to do it

Bobby: Yeah baby! The world sucks but who cares

Ellie: This is a little creepy
Laurie: Yeah. Serious serial killer alert

Kirsten: Are we really on a dead lizard´s funeral in your mom´s yard?
Travis: You did this to us

Andy: My favourite movie is Actually Love Actually. Uh, there´s a sequel

Grayson: I love you Jules

Laurie: Can I get a Taye Diggs which is black and extra strong and smooth but also very sweet.

Recap from Cougar Town S02E11 – No Reason to Cry

Recap by MurphAndTheMagicTones

Bobby (Brian Van Holt) is all set to go on the PGA Tour, and he even has Diet Dr. Pepper as a sponsor. Perhaps he should tell the Diet Dr. Pepper people that. But to be fair, he did try to impress several doctors on the putting green with his Ty Webb imitation. (No money, but they liked it.) Jules (Courteney Cox) and Travis (Dan Byrd) have a little staredown concerning who has the better relationship right now, which Travis is more than happy to concede, as that’s a weird competition to have with your mother. But Jules, despite Grayson (Josh Hopkins) being a “slow wuss” by not returning her “I Love You,” she thinks they have a relationship like the two doves outside her window, as doves mate for life. That is, unless one of them flies right into the frying pan she stuck outside to water the plants. Jules is devastated, but Grayson tries to crack a few jokes about it…unsuccessfully. Jules tells him she wants everybody to cry so hard when she dies, they can’t even breathe and are so distraught over losing her, they never recover. And then she runs over a squirrel. The vet refuses to bring Tuffie L’Rue back to life, and Jules isn’t happy about it.

Kirsten thinks Bobby should be up on current events and gets him one of those magazines that summarizes all of the other magazines. And it works a little too well. Bobby can only think about all the bad things going on in the world, and his golf game is screwed up as a result. Travis warned her about messing in the cul-de-sac dynamic, and it comes back to bit Kirsten in the ass. Suddenly, Andy (Ian Gomez) and Ellie (Christa Miller) are fighting because Andy tried one of his little in-jokes with Ellie on Laurie (Busy Philipps). Now she decides she can give Travis a scalp massage, and Andy exerts payback by giving Kirsten a neck rub. (Should have escaped when Grayson warned her.) Laurie borrows Kirsten’s sweater, and Bobby is so depressed, he’s sleeping on Kirsten’s couch…with his shoes on.

TRAVIS: You meddled. And now they’ve come for you.

Jules tries to make Grayson look like a jerk by getting another squirrel and putting it in a cage. But Grayson’s not fooled, especially after neighbor Tom discovers a dead squirrel in his trash. Jules apologizes because she thinks Grayson will be sad for those two animals being killed. Which he isn’t. She retracts her apology and turns on her heel to walk away…and steps on a small lizard in the driveway.

Travis and Kirsten try to fix Bobby, but even more Diet Dr. Pepper (seriously, have they paid you enough money yet? Don’t get me wrong; I like the stuff, but geez…) won’t help him. Kirsten figures out they don’t get depressed over bad news because they hear so much of it every day, it’s all just white noise to them. Bobby doesn’t want a noise ghost in his head, but Travis tells him to think of a noise that totally relaxes and soothes him. And if you guessed the fizzing of the Diet Dr. Pepper would be that soothing noise, winner winner chicken dinner. Sure enough, the fizz works.

BOBBY: Yeah baby! The world sucks but I don’t care!

Ellie is still mad at Andy for pulling the name trick on Laurie, where he tells Laurie someone’s name, and she talks to them only to get the name wrong. Andy wants to know why. Ellie explains she felt they were the doves Jules wanted Grayson and her to be like. The name thing was the single piece Ellie didn’t share in the “friend prison” of the cul-de-sac crowd. Andy figures it out and comes up with a new “thing” for them: fake apology notes.

Jules is still upset about accidentally killing three small animals in a day, and Grayson finally figures out a way to help her. He makes a pet cemetery in her backyard, complete with gravestones for the dove, the squirrel, and the lizard. (“Serial killer alert!”) Kirsten is creeped out about attending the funeral, but Travis reminded her she started the whole thing. Jules thinks Grayson is mocking her, but Grayson even invited the friend prison over so he can tell her he loves all the little differences between them. And he finally gives her the “I Love You”.

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