csi-diplomaContinuing the coverage about how to best enjoy an entertainment thematic vacation in Orlando Florida, now it´s time to review an attraction that, whereas not a mainstream event to get people to Orlando, like Disney or Universal, is a great option while there: CSI, the Experience.

I won´t discover anything if I state that there are tons and tons of CSI fans all over the world. After all it is one of the most successful franchises in Television, and proves to deliver good ratings year in and year out.

I won´t also discover anything saying that the fans would like to be the ones who solve the crimes alongside the team on the show. Heck, there are also tons of fans of other forensic shows wether documentary or fiction.

So, this attraction gives all those fans the opportunity to delve into the world of Crime Scene Investigation, and spend an hour or so going through the process of solving a crime without all the dangers and gross stuff involved in it.

When you arrive at CSI, The Experience, you can choose different ticket packages, as there are three different crime scenes inside and you can choose to solve one or all three. And you can also (that´s a bonus) upgrade your ticket to visit another exposition about the Human Body called Human Bodies, which is quite interesting too, but falls out of the scope of our review here.

Once you decided on your ticket, you get a guidelines sheet according to the crime scene you´ve been assigned. No, of course you cannot select your crime scene, or you think Gil Grissom got to pick the crimes he worked on?

You first go through the crime scene, searching for all the clues you can find and taking notes of it.

Then you move along the different parts of the evidence analysis: Forensics, Soil analysis, fingerprints, genetics, etcetera. All while taking notes on your sheet.

Once you finished the complete process you need to do the ruling: and you decide who the culprit is. Voilá! You solved a crime.

Once you exit, there´s the de rigoeur merchandising store, and, unlike many other stores on other attractions; in this one I had to buy stuff: there was quite a cool kit that included a t-shirt, a hat, a magnet, a tumbler and a syrynge pen all for $19,99, or a “Do not Cross – Crime Scene” scotch tape that will be featured in every single gift I wrap from here on.

Some other things about it:

– Pictures or video are not allowed inside the exhibit, so make sure to abide by that rule.

– There are several other traveling CSI, the Experience exhibits and a permanent one in Las Vegas, too.

– If you plan on doing an “exhibits afternoon”, you can plan the hat trick: CSI, Human Bodies and Titanic, as they are all three in a 100 yards radius.

– You can visit the official page of the attraction at CSI, the Experience, for more information.

– You can also see our review for our Spanish Language coverage at Dayana Barrionuevo´s site.

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