jaime-kennedy-cupid-hallmark-joely-fisherI´m posting a lot about Hallmark these days, but that´s because they keep bringing tons of good stuff this way. Now, they are setting to premiere on February 11th a new reinvention of the story of Cupid.
Golden Globe nominated actress Joely Fisher (“Ellen,” “’Til Death”) gets an unexpected Valentine’s love connection when her matchmaking finally hits the right target in “Cupid,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere, Saturday, February 11 (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C).  Fisher stars with Jamie Kennedy (“Ghost Whisperer,” “Malibu’s Most Wanted”), Roark Critchlow (“V,” “Pretty Little Liars”) and Rebecca McFarland (“Scream 2”) in the romantic comedy that offers hope for the lovelorn.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Eve Lovett (Fisher), a workaholic TV talk show host with a string of failed relationships, is worried she will never find true love.  But when a mysterious stranger named Vernon Gart (Kennedy) shows up on the set claiming to work for Cupid, Incorporated, Eve has no idea her love life is about to get an arrow right through the heart.  To help boost the show’s low ratings, Rick (Critchlow), Eve’s handsome producer books Vernon as a love expert to do a segment called “Eve’s Week of Love.”  She reluctantly agrees and with cameras rolling, Eve is soon taken off guard when Vernon starts describing all her failed relationships.  Eve storms off the set, thinking Rick is pulling a joke on her, but she soon realizes Vernon knows much more about her than she has ever told anyone, even her best friend Nancy (McFarland).  Recognizing Vernon may be legitimate, Eve takes Vernon up on his very unusual offer—if she can help one couple fall in love before Valentine’s Day, her own true love will be revealed to her.  Eve begins enthusiastically setting up couples on her crew, but through a series of matchmaking mishaps, her deadline is soon up.  Will cupid’s arrow hit his mark or is Eve destined to be alone forever?

“Cupid” is a Larry Levinson Production.  Larry Levinson is the executive producer.  Brian J. Gordon and James Wilberger are producers.  Ron Oliver directed from a script by Judd Parkin.

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