got timeWho´s got time to check out everything that´s happening on Twitter every day? As the popular meme says it, “Ain´t nobody got time fo dat!” Enter Eric Artell and the team at Daily Rehash who are searching and browsing and basically spending a lot of time checking out Twitter, to curate the best of what´s happening over there so you can take only a few minutes to catch up and move on and do everything you non procrastinators do with a full day.

And on this edition of Daily Rehash, they delve into the talk of the week: Lindsay Lohan getting out of rehab.

The video first start with the idea that no one resists archive footage, by showing a 2007 interview of Amanda Bynes about how she´s never gone to rehab.

Lindsay´s going to be on Oprah, to be laying low in London and hosting Chelsea Lately. Not bad for her comeback, and finally, Artell launches his own campaing in order for Lindsay to date a war veteran coming back from Afghanistan at #Bauman4Lohan. And Artell says he´s paying for the date.

So now, without further ado, watch Lindsay Lohan out of rehab on Daily Rehash:

So, what are you waiting for? Watch the video! It´s just a few minutes.

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