daily-rehash-haylie-duff-eric-artell5 minutes is all you need to take to know what´s happening on Twitter everywhere. Spend the rest of the time checking your timeline and working it, but there´s no need for you to go everywhere following the trending topics. That´s why we have folks at Daily Rehash, with Eric Artell to do that hard work (meh).

Like every week we are posting one of their videos, from Ora.tv. And this week the video comes with a very special guest: Haylie Duff, actress, singer, songwriter and food blogger. (Maybe at nights she also fights crime in Gotham, IDK).

In the episode, Haylie stops by to talk about Twitter, the Bachelorette, her foodie blog Real Girl’s Kitchen, and More.

Watch Daily Rehash with Special Guest Haylie Duff

Haylie says: “I love Twitter because it is a one stop shop”, and she is right in the sense that you can find almost everything there, whichever your interests are. (Well maybe with the exception of some more obscure interests, right?)

She also talks about The Bachelorette and how Kaley Cuoco introduced her to the current Bachelorette and how they both are fans.

So, what are you waiting for? Watch the video! It´s just five minutes.

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