Debbie Macombers Cedar Cove 2001 -- (Photo by Katie Yu/Hallmark)The return of Cedar Cove is just around the corner, when it premieres July 19th on Hallmark Channel.

On the season premiere, called Letting Go – Part 1,  Olivia fights flashbacks from her past as she helps Jack and his son cope with Shelly’s pregnancy health scare and sudden change of heart, while Justine and Seth must decide if their future together can be rebuilt at the restaurant.

On Letting Go Part 2, which airs July 26th, Olivia and Jack confront their own pasts as they help Eric and Shelly reach an agreement about the future of their child before a drastic decision is made. While Maryellen unknowingly becomes a pawn in a criminal plot involving John, Justine and Seth finally face the truth about what they really want.

Debbie Macombers Cedar Cove 2002 -- (Photo by Katie Yu/Hallmark)On Season two episode three called Relations and Relationships, Part 1, Olivia feels pressure to get more serious with Jack, while Grace fears the final step in letting go of her marriage. Meanwhile, Eric tries to support his new family, but Shelly reconsiders their relationship. Then, as Justine says goodbye to boyfriend Seth and worries for her future, she finds support from a friend from Cedar Cove’s past.

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