dexter-s06e05-angel-of-death-quotes-spoilersI am one of those lucky bastards who get the chance to see Dexter before it airs, and tell you some things about it.
Of course I won´t tell you all that much, and I will post this article with best quotes and moments from Dexter S06E05 The Angel of Death first fifteen minutes. Just to let you taste a little bit, but know for sure, you need to watch the whole episode.
One thing that´s happening with Dexter – my favorite Drama nowadays (as it happens to me with my favorite dramedy Psych), it´s that season six is rocking beyond what I could expect. One would think after all these years we´ve seen everything and yet folks at Showtime continue to wow us with the new episodes of Dexter. Hats off to the writers, creators, cast and crew.

But, without further ado, let´s jump into the first fifteen minutes of Dexter S06E05 The Angel of Death, after the episode airs, I´ll update the article with the rest of the episode.

Best Quotes and Moments from Dexter S06E05 The Angel of Death

The episode was written by Scott Reynolds and Directed by S.J. Jackson.
With the help of his newfound friend, Brother Sam, Dexter wonders if there is light within him to counter the darkness. The search for the Doomsday Killers takes Dexter in a new direction, while Batista and Quinn pay a visit to the university where Professor Gellar taught. Due to departmental regulation following the shooting, Debra is forced to begin therapy.

Dexter: During the middle ages it was believed that the outcome of nearly all earthly events was decided by angels. Either light or dark. I´m pretty sure that the one I saw in the crowd was of the dark variety.

We get to see Debra Morgan theorizing about why was the police entrance that triggered the killing.

Everybody thinks there´s a doomsday killer, and Dexter thinks he has an accomplice. But is he telling about the second doomsday killer? Or is he keeping it a secret?

Can the new intern solve Masuka´s problem with the Ice Truck Killer missing evidence? Is Brea Grant leaving Dexter for good?

Quinn is asking Debra for the Engagement Ring back!

Professor Gellar: Eyes on God not on me

Professor Gellar: It´s time for hunting again

Professor Gellar: We still have to find the Whore of Babel

Dexter: I was right about the glue

Dexter: This is no amateur

Debra: Normally a serial killer wants to do the killing himself, that´s the whole point, isn´t it?

Dexter: It seems his message is more important than the thrill

Dexter: (On Off: I hate lying to my sister): Sorry, nothing on the wings

Debra: Class dismissed

Quinn: This is awkward. Engagement Ring?
Debra: Fuck me in the ear, I never gave you the engagement ring back

Sam: How´s your little guy doing?
Dexter: Great. You should come by and see him
Sam: Yeah, I´d love to

Dexter finds the second doomsday killer working on the museum, and then Detective Anderson calls Dexter for a new crime scene… aaaand that´s all I can tell you for now, until the episode airs, when I´ll do the full review and best quotes thing I usually do.

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