dexter-spoilers-dexter-kills-louis-dexter-kills-laguertaWith the whole deal of Debra knowing that Dexter is a serial killer, and her over protectiveness and the wanting to watch him 24/7 we are probably going to get a more selective Dexter in terms of the Killings he will make, but, since Louis is not afraid of Dexter and rubbed it in his face just a few hours after Dex menaced him, shows that he is going to be the villain for some time. Or maybe, if Dexter can get away from Debra for a while he can prep a job and Louis. Dexter killing Louis has the writing on the wall, as he is asking for it, storywise. The other character that can be demised is LaGuerta. She has been a strong force for the show in all of the previous seasons, and if you think the showrunners aren´t ready to kill LaGuerta because she is too big of a character, let´s remember that Rita died on Dexter and she was even bigger.

Let´s see at all the things pointing there:

– LaGuerta finds the blood slide and is on the track to prove that the Bay Harbor Butcher is not Doakes. That´s a big reason for Dexter to kill LaGuerta.

– Louis defies Dex and is probably going to push his buttons even harder. That´s a big reason for Dexter to kill Louis Greene.

But, is he going to kill only one of them, both, or none? My money is on Dexter killing Louis, and several episodes later Dexter killing LaGuerta. But I want to hear your theories too. Head to the comments and let me know your thoughts.

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