gold-rush-cancelled-renewed-season-four-discoveryThe Hollywood Reporter had the preview, as the announcement for the renewal of Gold Rush for season four will be made during next live airing of the show. The show, which is the most watched show on the cabler, and is featured constantly in the mockings by Joel McHale The Soup is going to be back, as anyone would´ve guessed.

Discovery Channel’s highest-rated series, returned for a third season on Friday, October 26th.  After two years of equipment breakdowns, infighting and battling Mother Nature, this season one crew finally strikes it rich… but which one?  Parker Schnabel has a new crew, new land and a newly rebuilt wash plant on his side.  After months and months of digging, Dakota Fred finally hit bedrock and started to see the best gold yet just as winter set in last year – and has high hopes that this will finally be the season he walks away a millionaire.  And in his quest to find 1,000 ounces of gold this season, Todd Hoffman doubles down with two claims and twice the crew and equipment.  But is that enough to get him to his goal of finding ten times more than he did last year? And now it´s a done deal to see Gold Rush renewed for season four.

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