dog-with-a-blog-cancelled-renewedIt may sound surprising or just a TV trivia fact. But there´s an average of one show renewed per day on my list of   renewed shows of 2013 and if you add the cancelled shows of 2013 average goes up to 1.3. Now, let´s review another one, as Disney Channel renewed Dog with a Blog for season two. The show, a family comedy told from the point of view of Stan, the recently adopted shelter dog, who talks and blogs, that the family, consisting of step siblings Tyler, Avery and Chloe, and their parents Bennett and Ellen.

Let´s put it like it is, a non bizarre version of Wilfred, targeted to families with a few glimpses of Alf. And of course, that works!

The show launched in October 2012 and ranked as the No. 2 TV series of fourth-quater 2012 in kids 2-11 (2.1 million/5.3 rating) and kids 6-11 (1.7 million/7.1 rating). But what´s best about the show is that it is tied in in reality, as Stan The Dog´s Blog is available online and you can interact there.

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