I know I am posting a lot about this show that hasn´t even premiered, and that has not all the buzz in other sites. So what? That does not mean this is not one of the best new shows to expect this April.

I know Breakout Kings, The Killing, The Borgias and Camelot are awaited anxiously by many, but this is a show that can become quietly the most hilarious moments on TV among new shows. And a show where you only know you can expect to laugh, even though you don´t know what exactly to expect… after all, not even the actors know!

Drew Carey´s Improv-a-Ganza is proving to be one heck of a bet for GSN, and a must watch for comedy lovers viewers.

What an awesome and expected show it is.

And now I have some more Behind the scenes videos and teasers from Improv-A-Ganza!

Drew Careys Improv-A-Ganza Improv Bad Medicine with Drew and Kathy Video

Drew and Kathy work together in this hilarious game called Options in “Bad Medicine”

Drew Carey´s Improv-A-Ganza Behind the Scenes – Improv Injuries

“Improv to Injury” takes an interesting look at what it takes to pull off great improv. Improvisation is sometimes a painful way to do comedy.

I also did an interview with the cast, and you will be seeing my questions answered in articles to come soon. And before premiere.

Remember the premiere of Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza next Monday, April 11th at 8pm ET/PT on GSN.

What did you think about this Behind The Scenes and Improv teaser videos? Will you watch Drew Carey´s Improv-A-Ganza? Are you psyched enough? Let me know!

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Oh, and By the way… Charlie Sheen guest stars in Drew Carey´s Improv-A-Ganza.