Duke-hallmark-movie-channel-steven-weberSteven Weber (“Wings,” “Brothers & Sisters”) stars in a touching story inspired by true events, of the special relationship between a broken, homeless vet struggling to recover from combat injuries and PTSD who finds compassion and hope in his steadfast companion, a Border Collie named Duke , in the World Premiere of “Duke,” a Hallmark Movie Channel Original premiering Saturday, April 28 (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C).

Marine  Sergeant  Terry  Pulaski  (Weber),  a  once  proud  man,  is  now  a  broken  shell  of himself having returned from Iraq with both PTSD and a disabling injury.  Terry struggles to be a good father and husband, but he’s constantly depressed and hates the man he’s become.
Bethany  (Cross), Terry’s wife  reluctantly  brings  home  a  stray  dog  that  her  students  named Duke, knowing that Terry and their daughter will immediately fall in love.   But during a Fourth of July firework celebration, Terry has flashbacks of the war and finds himself being comforted by  Duke  as  the  two  lay  huddled  together  on  the  laundry  room  floor.    From  that  moment  on, Duke and Terry are inseprable.  As tensions are running high at home, Terry is delivered a final blow  when  he  is  ordered  by  his  doctors  to  take  a  medical  discharge.    Terry  feels  like  he  has become a burden to his wife and daughter and decides to leave, taking Duke with him.

Ten  years  later,  Terry  and  Duke  are  living  in  an  old  RV  parked  in  his friend Javier’s (Cummins) carport.  The two met when they were both homeless.  The years have been hard on  Terry  and  he  struggles  to  make  ends  meet  by  doing  odd  jobs  for  people  in  the neighborhood.  So when Duke becomes seriously ill, Terry is frantic because he has very little money, and he cannot bear knowing Duke may not survive.  In desperation, Terry takes Duke to a nearby veterinary clinic, hoping a doctor (Hossack) will ease his final hours.  When asked to fill out paperwork, Terry leaves an anonymous letter instead and takes off before the medical technician  returns.    To everyone’s surprise,  Duke  recovers,  and  a  media  campaign  to  find Duke’s owner leads Terry to  not  only  reunite  with  Duke  but  reconcile  with  Alice  (Smyth)  his estranged daughter.
“Duke” is produced by Vet  Street  Productions.    Gerald  W.  Abrams  is  the  executive
producer  and  Harvey  Kahn  is  the  producer.    Mark  Jean  directed  from  a  script  by  Michael  J. Murray.

What do you think? Will you watch Dule on Hallmark Movie Channel? I´m already sensing many viewers crying in front of the TV that day.

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