eastbound-and-down-iphone-appWe are already in the new season of Eastbound & Down, and as usual with folks at HBO, they bring us something new to the table. In this case Eastbound & Down iPhone app called Kenny Powers Home Run Fiesta.

Eastbound and Down’s Kenny Powers has hit hard times. He’s deep inside Mexico making a case for a comeback but if he’s going to shake off the rust and make it back to the bigs, he needs someone to pitch against. That’s where you come in. Kenny has invited you to compete in his wickedly loco Home Run Fiesta. This outrageous home run competition features hilarious retro 8-bit graphics, countless antics and insults from Kenny, exclusive content from the show, and so much more.  So step up to the plate, amigo. The legend is waiting.

Features of Eastbound & Down iPhone App Kenny Powers Home Rune Fiesta:

-Classic Home Run competition game play
-Hundreds of ballsy insults straight from by Eastbound and Down’s Danny McBride
-Retro 8-bit color graphics
-Exclusive Eastbound and Down: Season Dos content
-Five levels of balls-out insanity
-The chance to square off against one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Period.

How to download Eastbound & Down iPhone App Kenny Powers Home Rune Fiesta:

Visit the iTunes store

And don’t forget – the next episode of Eastbound & Down will air on Sunday 10/3 at 10:30pm!

Test the Eastbound & Down iPhone app and let us know how it goes.

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