Fairly-Legal-season-two-premiere-contest-giveawayFairly Legal comes back Friday March 16th 9/8 C on USA Network, and I had the chance to watch the premiere episode upfront.

I won´t spoil anything from the episode, but I´ll list the best quotes and moments from Fairly Legal season two premiere named Satisfaction.

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Fairly Legal S02E01 Satisfaction best quotes and moments

Ben: Plymouth and Tonic, please
Kate: Check please

Kate: I´m sorry. It´s been a while since anybody offered to buy me a drink
Ben: Really? Did the world go blind?

Kate: I´m married. Was married.

Ben: Do you believe in fate?
Kate: Wow, is that a line?
Ben: It is a question

Kate: I do believe in fate, but I think she is a fickle fickle bitch

Ben: Is truth the way to your heart? Withdrawn counselor. I misspoke, we have not yet established that you have a heart
Kate: The way to my heart is to do everything and say nothing, no negotiation, no foreplay, no strategy .Just be who you are and take me… too late.

Bob: Do you two know each other?
Ben: The Fickle Bitch
Kate: He´s not talking about me

Kate: Why didn´t we work out?
Justin: No, I don´t want to talk about that now

Kate: Justin, was it all my fault?

Kate: You are the only guy I know that speaks of the law even when he´s high

Leo: This is your journey

Ben: I cannot believe I liked you in that bar

Ben: So, you are afraid of commitment and stuck in the past

Ben: How much coffee did you drink?
Kate: I don´t know, how much there is?

Bob: The only asset your firm has is the building
Kate: We have another asset: Surprises!

Ben: I am unsatisfied and it is a feeling I do not like

Ben: Put it there partner

Justin: Are we celebrating?
Kate: You tell me candidate Patrick

Justin: To improve the system
Kate: To working around the system

Kate: What if we don´t sign the divorce papers?

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