What can change from one year to another in the same event?

New famouse faces, others who get the recognition after a while hanging around, and there are others who renew their styles and looks. (Or bounce back from bad bad style choices).

A review of three actresses and their styles in SAG Awards 2008 and 2009. As always, Dayana is in charge of the Fashion Autopsy

Christina Applegate

christina-applegate-sag-2008-2009Samantha Who´s leading lady dressed in 2008 SAG Awards with a gorgeous white dress with silver details by Elle Saab.

Long ´til the feet she hid her shoes but let her silver purse show.

Hair up and a girly style with a little retro.

In 2009 she once again chose a long shoe covering dress (Was she using slippers maybe?) even though she raised the bar and wore an intense green dress that would not suit everybody (luckily for her… she´s one of the few people who could wear it and look great!)
The design is peculiar: Asimetrical cut with one shoulder down and a detail in the other that balanced the outfit.

Once again hair up and well combined silver accesories.

Loved her long necklace down to the waist.

Jenna Fischer

jenna-fischer-sag-2008-2009The lovely gal from The Office chose a navy blue satin dress with a detailed full corse for the SAG Awards 2008; it was creation of  Colette Dinnigan.
Overall I like it, except for those V stripes of the front. Strapless would´ve been better.
Hair up showing the long earrings, silvered as the bracelets and handbag.
In 2009, Jenna looks a lot younger in spite of ashed coloured dress by Pamella Roland.

The design is simple but compliments her cleavage with its shape and the yellow detail breaking the grey monotony (and I´m not talking about the monotony of Meredith Grey´s face in latest episodes… I´m talking about the dress)
The designer sympathized with shoe salesmen and created a short skirt in the front so they can be seen.

However… with these shoes, covering would have been better.
With her hair loose she looks ten times prettier than in 2008.

Tina Fey

tina-fey-sag-2008-2009Ever since she told some bloggers to suck it she became one of my favourite celebrities. She´s also the Current Sitcom Queen. As if it wasn´t enough, she won every single award she was up to. Go girl!

In 2008, Tina chose a ladylike design, with an asimetrical cut in black Chiffon by Alberta Ferretti.

Both the accesories, the hair, the make up and the shoes made Tina look quite natural and simple, yet very elegant.

For this year´s SAG Awards she chose a Brian reyes two-inches-over-the-knee-strapless-lot-of-cleavage model. The fabric looks like an arabesc filled velvet that, as lovely as it seems, may have not make her look as fresh as 2008 for 30 Rock´s soul and mother. (It looks hot both her body and her temperature with that fabric).

Crocodile leather shoes in grey in the same tone as the waist bow.

Truthful to her style she wasn´t over accesorizing. Bracelet, handbag and earrings hidden under her hair… a simple but sweetening look.

Also, truthful to her style, she took home the award…

What do you think about these fashion autopsies?