felicia-dayThe announcement came from @feliciaday ´s own blog. I usually talk about renewals and stuff about TV shows, but now I will take a second to talk about Day´s webseries, because, as I said before, she posted on her own blog that Geek and Sundry will be back for a second season.

She said: “I’m VERY pleased to announce that Geek and Sundry will be releasing content for another year!”

Tabletop, Space Janitors and Vaginal Fantasy are also coming back for another year. (Starting this week), and also adding new shows to the lineup. The Flog will also come back but not on a regular basis, and also Felicia´s Ark, a new show about Felicia choosing which video game character she´s taking with her after a theoretical flood happens.

But, the bummer in the middle of all of this is that The Guild may not be returning with more content, because Day says she feels that season six left on a good note. It is not a done deal wether it will comeback or not. But the door is not closing just yet. Let´s hope for one more run.

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