felicia dayOk, as we already said more than once even… there should not be a day on TV without Felicia Day.

So, this is great news of course.

The Guild has just premiered Season 3 last week and it´s available to be watched!

This year, on Season 3 of The Guild, the good news is that the video is embeddable, so we can follow it in many more ways than before; and help Felicia Day to promote the show.

As Felicia Day herself says so in her blog:

This season we shot ALL episodes at once, essentially treating the season like a movie (and at 103 pages, it indeed WAS a movie. BAD Felicia!). We shot 13 or 14 days I believe, almost an episode a day, and the page count was MUCH higher than we’d done before. This adds up to very long hours and challenged crew, because we’re understaffed as it is due to budget. Oh, and add like 14 actors to the mix. And extras. And lots of props. UGH. I am totally amazed that these episodes are as great as they are, and credit goes to director Sean Becker and my co-producer Kim Evey and our line producer Christian Agypt, (as well as an awesome crew.) Everyone really wanted this season to be great, so attitudes stayed amazingly upbeat, even through tough times.

And now, without further ado… Watch Season 3 Episode 2 of The Guild, both here or in the official site of The Guild via its MSN Video

Video of Season 3 Premiere of The Guild: Anarchy