felicia dayOk, as we already said more than once even… there should not be a day on TV without Felicia Day.

So, this is great news of course.

The Guild has just premiered Season 3 last week and it´s available to be watched!

This year, on Season 3 of The Guild, the good news is that the video is embeddable, so we can follow it in many more ways than before; and help Felicia Day to promote the show.

As Felicia Day herself says so in her blog:

this episode was pretty much MADE by@seanbecker’s awesome directing and editing. The frenetic energy of the Guild falling apart and Codex’s lack of assertiveness was definitely enhanced by the quick cuts and hilarious angles. I had trouble when writing this episode because there were SO many storylines being set up and I was eager to get the story moving, but we had a lot more ground to cover, especially Vork going on his “quest” (which is so hilarious, the trash can thing was a great directing addition.) A whole section of this episode was moved to make the story smoother and build better, so it is NOT how it was shot. Thank goodness it worked! On a personal note, when Tyler, the production designer, proposed this van-thing for Vork’s car I just cracked up. It’s soooo ridiculous and RIGHT for Vork, although I had envisioned a 70’s gas guzzler sedan myself. The brilliant thing is all the little easter eggs he put INSIDE the van that you guys as the audience will never see but cracked the crew up sooo much. Incidentally we will probably be auctioning off this car in the next month or so for charity, please check@theguild Twitter in the next weeks for more details.

She also posted something on her blog that Google Reader caught, but was then mistakenly deleted. Here it is:

We had quite a few structural challenges with this episode, and some brilliance by@SeanBecker on the editing and directing fronts pulled it through. The crazy cuts towards the end of the episode really pushed the concept of Codex’s inability to lead, and the fracturing of the remaining Guild. A whole section of the episode was actually moved to another place in this ep to tell the story better (You’ll have to wait until the DVD commentary for me to tell you which part, haha). We have so many storylines being set up this season that this third episode was necessary to lay all the groundwork, particularly sending Vork on his way into the world. I absolutely rolled on the floor when Tyler, the production designer, proposed that van thing as Vork’s car, it is SO PERFECT. You’ll never see all the crazy stuff he put in that van, but there are some wacky touches on the interior I will never forgett. Incidentally, we are planning to auction that thing off for charity later this season, stay tuned to@theguild Twitter for more info in a few weeks.

There’s some great acting by the cast, the fracturing of the Guild is really hit home and Clara’s denouement is one of the reasons I even WROTE this season. A lot of dramatic stuff happened at the end of Season 2, and rather than be glib, I really wanted to follow through on the emotional stuff that the characters were thrown. Comedy is only funny to me when there’s real feelings under it, so I guess this season is a bit darker than before, but I hope the funny stuff carries the weightier moments through.
Bringing back Dena was also a priority for me this season, I just loved the dynamic between her and Bladezz, because he’s such a cool cucumber with the rest of the Guild, but I know first hand that siblings have a special way of getting under your skin, haah.

Next week’s episode is really fun, and we just finished editing episode 7, and for the first time in Guild history we cut a LOT from a scene, so I guess a nice extra for DVD? Do better editing next season, Felicia?

And now… Watch The Guild Season 3 Episode 3 Player Down here