malibu-country-abc-reasons-to watchABC just launched a new sitcom starring country star Reba McEntire returning to a sitcom after a few years of her previous show “Reba” being gone. We certainly missed her on a weekly basis.

So let´s review her new show Malibu Country, and I will give you five reasons to watch Malibu Country on ABC.
But first, lets see the plot synopsis of this new show:
When Reba’s husband, a country music star, cheats on her, Reba moves her family from Nashville to Malibu. Her mama, Lillie Mae, comes along for their California adventure that starts quickly when they move in next door to Kim, a rich, buxom, blonde housewife. Having given up her own singing career to raise her two kids, Reba’s bent on starting where she left off in spite of the stonewalling from her music producer’s assistant, Geoffrey.

Reba soon has trouble at home as her daughter June practices kissing with the boy next door who claims he’s gay. Meanwhile, her son Cash deals with going from being a prince in Nashville to a pauper in Malibu. Meanwhile, Lillie Mae discovers all the adventures she can have in California as a woman freed from expectations.

Five reasons to watch Malibu Country

1- Reba back on TV:

She has been great on her previous show “Reba” and we certainly missed her flavour on TV. Now there´s not only Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton representing Nashville on broadcast TV. It´s Reba too, and that´s always good news.

2- The Cast Ensemble:

You have some big comedy names, specially Lily Tomlin playing the role of Lillie Mae, Reba´s mom, Sara Rue as next door neighbor Kim and Jai Rodriguez as Geoffrey and Jeffrey Nordling as Reba´s ex husband.

3- The transformation of Sara Rue:

Who would´ve thought that the same chubby star of Popular could be now the bimbo bombshell of next door? Good for Sara and her reinvention. And by the way, her comedic chops are as good as ever.

4- Comedic icon on board:

I did mention Lily Tomlin is in the cast, right? She´s such a big name in comedy that you know she can only add good things for this show.

5- Jai Rodriguez sassiness:

I remember him on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy when he taught men like me to behave properly. Now he´s so ill behaved that you can only think of his and Reba first talk on the show as a big highlight and as a sign that good thing lay ahead for the show.

You can watch Malibu Country Fridays 8:30 / 7:30C on ABC? Let me know in the comments. Also, follow me on Twitter for more Malibu Country scoop.