cops-cancelled-renewed-fox-spikeOne of the longest running currently on TV was in danger of going to the sands of time and getting forgotten, but not this one, as after Fox cancelled Cops, Spike offered its screen as the new home for season 26th, and who knows, maybe help the show get to the milestone of a thousand episodes in a few years.

The show has been on air for 25 seasons already, and is over 850 episodes so far, and, since the last order from Fox was cut down significantly, Langley Productions, the producers of Cops started shopping the show around for a new place. Spike TV picked up the tab and  guaranteed a new run for season 26 of Cops premiering in September at 8PM on Saturdays.

Spike is not only green lighting the new season, but also acquired a portion of the rights of past episodes, so they are going to be able to run new episodes and reruns.

While talking about the news, said Spike TV president Kevin Kay: “Cops is a remarkable series that has been able to sustain strong ratings well into its third decade, a monumental achievement in television. As we continue to grow and expand our audience, new episodes of Cops, with its loyal audience of Adults 18-49, is the perfect addition to our primetime lineup on Saturday nights.”

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