funny-or-die-presents-warren-sapp-teaser-videoI already told you Funny or Die Presents is coming back on January 14th on HBO. I also marked it in the TV Comeback Calendar.

Funny or Die Presents is a Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy endeavor.
Based upon comedy site, HBO´s version is filled with sketches, animations, music videos and many more skits by great well known actors who guest star on the show.

I showed you two video teasers by Ed Halligan on Funny or Die upcoming season. But do you really think folks at Funny or Die would simply stay put until premiering?

Well, no of course. And now they have something else in store.

A teaser video from Funny or Die Presents new season.

In this case, it features former NFL great (and Dancing With The Stars runner-up) Warren Sapp.

Just remember, Funny or Die Presents returns on Friday, January 14 at Midnight! It returns with Ed Halligan, Warren Sapp and a lot more surprises ready.

And as HBO folks told me, Funny or Die teasers will be released every other day or so, up until premiere date.

So, will you watch Funny Or Die Presents season 2 premiere on HBO, January December 14th at midnight?

You can let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Also, you can follow me on Twitter for more Funny or Die Presents scoop.