brand-x-russell-brand-cancelled-renewed-fxIn what is another demise for a re concepted or modified show, proving that tweaking what´s not quite there rarely pays off in television. Of course when it does it´s worth it. Now, the latest victim is Brand X with Russell Brand getting cancelled by FX.

Thing about this show is that although the show was not exactly good it performed ok for the first few episodes before getting rebranded and with a new concept. It was more of a talk to strangers kind of thing, incorporating audience members to the show. That kind of made the show detour from what it was originally: a venue for Russell BRand to do whatever the heck he does. When they tried to bottle it a bit, it did not work. Thing is, even though Brand X with Russell Brand gets cancelled, the network is betting again on the comedian, as it is developing a new scripted pilot with him.

After all, this is a bonafide lead man in comedies, so it will probably prove a good decision to stick with the bet for FX.

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