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So… what is the concept of midlife crisis for a bachelor who has everything he wants, but is feeling that time is passing by? Well, of course, finding out that he did not know he was a father. And that his son, has a daughter, making him an instant grandfather.
Successful restaurateur and man-about-town JIMMY MARTINO (John Stamos) is used to being the most suave, most handsome and most single person in the room. All that changes with the surprise appearance of Jimmy’s adult son, GERALD (Josh Peck, “Drake & Josh”), and his baby daughter, EDIE. Now Jimmy has to unlearn a lifetime of blissful selfishness and grapple with the fact that he went straight from single to grandfather in six seconds flat.
Keeping tabs on Jimmy is Gerald’s mother and Jimmy’s former girlfriend, rocker chick-turned-mother SARA (Paget Brewster, “Criminal Minds,” “Community”). Equally concerned about how Jimmy will manage these new developments is Jimmy’s restaurant family, especially assistant manager ANNELISE (Kelly Jenrette, “Audrey”) and chef RAVI (Ravi Patel, “Super Fun Night”).

The pilot, as with most pilots had ups and downs. But the show earned its slot on my DVR mainly for a couple of reasons: I like the pairing of Stamos and Peck; and even though it was not a homerun in the pilot, it can develop quite well. Paget Brewster is in this show, and I yet have to find something she´s in that I did not like at least a bit. The rest of the cast is talented enough as to make this show evolve into a true ensemble comedy, and I have faith in that. Also, since Full House is going to launch soon the remake with Fuller House, maybe it can be arranged as for both shows to have a plethora of guest stars.

Having said that, it is a show that still needs to find its legs, and get into a rythm. It earned its place in my DVR, but it is not the next Modern Family or The Goldbergs, shows that I tend to watch live. And if it does not find enough eyeballs, it can eventually hurt the lead in it gives the best new comedy so far: The Grinder.

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