Ok… that´s the biggest question of a troubled Grey´s Anatomy season that has Izzie Stevens Dying and George O´Malley leaving the show.

Miranda Bailey, Mark Sloan and Callie Torres are the big characters right now, and even Lexie Grey is quite an attractive feature to the show… but the on and off of Meredith and Derek... The sometimes puppy love of Christina and Hunt, the Chief´s constant meltdown… everything is falling apart… the writers are correcting the Denny Duqette´s fiasco by killing the character of Katherine Heigl on Grey´s Anatomy, and the other big story turn would be when, where and how is Derek Shepherd going to propose to Meredith Grey.

The answer´s right here in a big spoiler.

Derek is proposing to Meredith on March 26, in the episode called elevator love letter.

And I guess the where and how are self explanatory by the title.

What do you think about this spoiler for Grey´s Anatomy?