o malley survives izzie stevens lives dyingThere it is… I said it.

They are both T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl under contract for another season, and despite their efforts  to leave the show, they are still tied up to it, and will be back next season of Grey´s Anatomy.

Is it possible that George O´Malley is played by another actor, since the character could go through major facial surgery?

Possible, not likely.

Is Izzie Stevens surviving Cancer?

Most likely. She gave out an award winning performance, and she has not so many movies prospects as she foresaw when wanted out.

Is George O´Malley living?

Not so probable, but T.R. Knight will return to Grey´s Anatomy at least as a memory. My bet is he´s back all the way.

Are you happy that Izzie Stevens survives? Are you happy that George O´Malley survives? Do you think Izzie Stevens is dying? Do you think George O´Malley is dying? Let me know.