harry-potter-the-prequelThe great JK Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter saga published five years ago a Prequel in the form of a short story telling an adventure of Sirius Black and James Potter through the streets of London in Sirius flying motorcycle.

The E-book, as it was published only online was launched as a charity seeking item, as the manuscript sold for 25,000 pounds in an auction event.
Some days later, the book publisher put the short story online for all Potterians to read, and I only read it now, as it somehow flew my by.

The book is actually just a short story of around 800 words that does not delve into the characters nor tells any significant story about Sirius and James, but only shows some glimpses of what a real prequel about the Marauders could be.

Some good things about it:

1- You can read something else about the wizarding world of the Harry Potter saga, and even though it´s just a little tiny short story, it can help with the cravings.

2- It is the first time we actually get to read about James Potter first hand and alive, not through a flashback, or some magical way of bringing back the dead.

3- It lets you make your own theories on what the bigger picture would be about.

4- You can download it for free at Goodreads in this link.

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