The Daily Rehash - Harry Styles Twerking- Who Twerked It Best- - DAILY REHASH - Ora TVAD - Ora.TvTwitter´s been raving all about Harry Styles Twerking, so what other topic could Eric Artell and the team on Daily Rehash talk about other than that? Of course they did. And here, as every week, we are watching together the video of Ora TV´s Daily Rehash with Eric Artell to catch up on all the things Twitter has to offer us, so we can be up to date in just a few minutes and use the rest of our days to do something much more productive, like Pinning stuff on Pinterest, right?

Harry Styles twerked on the Teen Choice Awards, and as Artell says, that´s when Twitter history started.

With his own tweet: “Note to self. Don´t Twerk” and that one became the second most retweeted Tweet in history. (Note from me: the first one is the photo with the hug between President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama after reelection).

So, you know why this was the tweet to talk about on this edition of Daily Rehash. So, without further ado… Harry Styles Twerking.

Harry Styles Twerking: Who Twerked It Best? | DAILY REHASH | Ora TVAD

So, what are you waiting for? Watch the video! It´s just a few minutes.

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