yattaTonight Heroes returns for Volume Four Fugitives, and you can watch the new episode of Heroes here

Hiro Nakamura (???, Nakamura Hiro) is a former computer programmer for Yamagato Industries. Hiro succeeded his late father as CEO of the company. Hiro is an evolved human who had the ability to bend space and time.

Bored with the monotony and conformity of his job as a salaried employee, Hiro Nakamura turns to his love of science fiction and fantasy as an escape. A bit of a dreamer, Hiro loves the idea of possessing powers, but the reality of it all becomes more than what he expected. Initially a happy-go-lucky fellow with an innocent view of adventure, Hiro’s experiences force him to become more serious and determined. Hiro possesses a very strong sense of purpose and a solid moral foundation, and the events of the series only strengthen them.

One of his main lines throughout the entire Heroes Series is Yatta!

But… why does Hiro Nakamura say Yatta!

Yatta (???) is a Japanese short form for “yarimashita”, which translates to “(I/We) did it!”, but can also have meanings of “okay!”, “it’s done!”, “ready!”, or “all right!”. The word is frequently exclaimed by Hiro Nakamura, accompanied by his raised arms.

In the original script for Genesis, Hiro was to exclaim “bonsai” after discovering his powers. According to a statement by Masi Oka on The View, he approached Tim Kring and informed him that “bonsai actually means ‘little tree'”, and that he probably meant banzai. Because Masi felt that banzai had wartime/old-fashioned connotations (Banzai (??) is used as a battle cry during World War II; it loosely translates to “long live”, usually used in the phrase “Long live the emperor!”), he asked if it would be okay to use the more modern exclamation “Yatta!” instead. Tim Kring gave Masi permission to change the line by replying along the lines of “Dude, go to town.”

Hiro’s style of shouting “Yatta!”, with his arms outstretched, appears in part to be an homage to the character of Chun-Li, who after winning a match in the video game Street Fighter II, stretches her arms, giggles, jumps in the air, and also shouts “Yatta!”

In an interview, Masi Oka said, “When Hiro stabbed Sylar in the season finale he said, ‘Yatta!’ but my secret subtext was, ‘Yatta, you motherf—ker!’ I couldn’t say it, but I played it!”