Claire Bennet Heroes Lesbian kiss Gretchen Madeline Zima kissing Hayden PannetiereThey already have Hiro dying on Heroes, they are already bringing back Sylar in full form; but the ratings of Heroes won´t go up, and Heroes is facing cancellation

But, wait… What´s the ace under the sleeve? Hayden Pannetiere lesbian experimentation.

What do people do in College? They experiment sexually? Well… then let´s go there with Claire” must have said the writing staff of Heroes, in a sort of all in move.

Madeline Zima, a.k.a Gretchen is kissing Claire Bennet on the next episode of Heroes.

Ka-chin! That´s rating secured, right?

We´ll see… but what happens after the kiss… what other move will they need to pull?

What do you think about Hayden Pannetiere´s lesbian kiss with Madeline Zima? Is the Claire Bennet Gretchen lesbic kiss a good move? or not?

Please let me know your thoughts.