Hiro Nakamura dying on Heroes. Mega SpoilerOk, Heroes new season is just around the corner… and of course… now´s the best time to start with the Heroes Spoilers.

We just told you that Claire Bennet will die again on Heroes, but that´s probably something you would have guessed anyways… She died every season so far… oh those healing powers are sweet, right?

But the big big big huge Heroes spoiler this time is about our fan favourite Hiro Nakamura.

Masi Oka´s character could be having a romantic comeback with Charlie, but that´s not even the biggest spoiler of Heroes

Both Ando and Hiro will be doing tons of things, because Hiro Nakamura is doing a bucket list.

What other reason than dying to have a bucket list you say? Bingo!

Hiro Nakamura is dying on Heroes Season Four Redemption!

The question that remains on my head is… is he just dying? or he´s going to complete the process and actually die.

What do you think? Is Hiro Nakamura dying on Heroes?