This is a spoiler post, so if you don´t want to be spoiled, get out of the post and visit a related post below.

Viewers will need to wait two weeks for a new episode of Heroes.

When Heroes returns on March 23rd, it looks like we’re in for a couple of big things happening in the show.

According to E! Online, there are some huge developments going to take place:

  • A character is marked for death – and fans will see the beginning of his/her downward spiral.
    Of course E! Online doesn´t say anything… but we will see Ali Larter´s character. So Tracy Strauss is dying, and the third sister is going to be part of the show.
  • We´ll find out who Rebel is in Heroes. This mistery Heroes character named Rebel´s identity is revealed.
    Again, E! Online doesn´t say anything else on who is Rebel in Heroes… but I have my bet and my money on Micah Sanders being Rebel.

What do you think about these two Heroes spoilers?