hollywood-wasteland-web-series-review-quotes-jeff-collins-saviorHere, at Seriesandtv.com I´m trying to do my best to help, and therefore offering this space to all those webseries creators that may be around to help put the voice out about their shows.

In this one, Hollywood Wasteland,  Jeff Collins has a lot of reasons to be stressed. He´s stuck in a dead end office job in Burbank when all he wants to do is draw comic books, and he´s always stuck dealing with the problems of his housemates.
When a nuclear attack strikes Los Angeles and the Apocalypse actually arrives, Jeff´s in for a lot more stress than he ever imagined.

Matt Newcomb, Ellwyn Kauffman and Caley Bisson created this web series about a post apocalyptic Hollywood where Jeff Collins (played by Caley Bisson) is a mild mannered insurance analyst who´d love to draw comic books; Walter (played by Scott Berman) is the basement dwelling survivalist who´s been preparing for the Apocalypse for years; Chad (played by Paul K Daniel) is an entrepreneur who´ll do anything except getting a job; Synthia (played by Kaitlin Clark) is a mysterious robot tasked with protecting Jeff Collins; Chlora (played by Paula Rhodes) is a next door type of girl who came to Hollywood to make it in the film industry and Veronica (played by Diana Gouveia) is a reality TV production assistant.
Matt Newcomb Directs, and Ellwyn Kauffman and Caley Bisson co-write the story.

Show´s already on its third episode, and the first season has nine scheduled episodes (6 yet to premiere). It will probably surprise you as it did to me the great quality in terms of production. Most web series we are reviewing are heavily lifted by their sripts, but this one has a full cast and crew team with a level A filmography.

Hollywood Wasteland was also nominated as best scripted web series by Clicker. In my book, it´s a very good web series and I recommend it to all of you.

Some things that looked great were the pop culture references: A lot of Seinfeld´s Kramer in Walter and Chad (One opening the door and entering, the other one trying to do anything but work), and the Terminator arrival in the first episode.

Show has nine episodes scheduled and I guess some extras, since they already gave us Walter´s tips for survival.

Just to be picky… the only flaw I see is that The Chairman should have a big big ring, with all that Illuminati going on.

Some of the Best Quotes from Hollywood Wasteland

Scientist Taft: I created a time machine powered with steam. So cut me some F*** slack.

Chad: Come on Veronica. you, me together, we´d make a killing.

Walter: That´s the stove they want you to use

The Chairman: Find him now, this J Collins. Unless she´s a girl in which case, find her now.

Jeff: The latest pyramid scam is here, Chad
Chad: It´s multilevel marketing, Jeff

Jeff: I gotta get a new job

Chad: I´m keeping the government out of this
Walter: It´s already working for me

Walter: Remember you can never be too careful

Chad: You know how you just lost your job to a nuclear explosion?

Jeff: Yeah, she has a concussion

Roy Jones: I´m coming for you Jeff Collins

You can go and catch up on the first three episodes of Hollywood Wasteland since it will only take you little time; less than twenty minutes.

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