hoops-and-yoyo-hallmark-haunted-halloweenHalloween is just around the corner, so most networks are starting to announce what television is going to be showing that weekend. And now Hallmark has joined by announcing a new Hallmark Channel Original Animated Special called Hoops & Yoyo´s Haunted Halloween.

What´s Hoops & Yoyo´s Haunted Halloween about? Plot Synopsis

Hoops & Yoyo can’t wait for Halloween…but they HAVE waited until the last minute to begin their search for costumes. When that search leads them to the mall, they are accidentally locked inside after closing. They discover that this favorite daytime haunt is actually haunted at night.

But through a series of frightening events, they learn that “monsters” aren’t always who they seem to be. It’s a hoops&yoyo adventure that’s so funny it’s scary!

Who are Hoops & Yoyo?

Hoops & Yoyo (officially styled as hoops&yoyo) are a pair of animated characters featured on Hallmark Cards. The website features E-cards, animated episodes, an “Ask hoops&yoyo” section, desktop and phone wallpapers, audio snippets, IM icons, fan photos, interactive monthly calendars, blog, podcast, games, and merchandise available for purchase. The storylines center around two main characters: Hoops, a pink cat, and Yoyo, a green rabbit, and also feature a few other humorous characters joining them. Hoops and Yoyo tend to get overexcited and commonly start yelling or talking really fast. They both love coffee, cookies, and any treat. They like to do anything that’s fun. They’re always happy, and always try to have fun no matter what happens.

What do you think? Will you watch Hoops & Yoyo´s Haunted Halloween on Hallmark?