hot-in-cleveland-spoilers-quotes-betty-white-elka-hot-for-the-lawyerBetty White is unleashed in this TV Land comedy Hot in Cleveland. She plays the role of Elka and every second she´s on screen it´s magic. Well, it´s Betty White nonetheless.

Tonight, a new episode of Hot in Cleveland aired called Hot for the Lawyer in which While Elka receives bad news from her new lawyer, the other ladies all vie for his attention.

Best Quotes from Hot in Cleveland S02E03 – Hot for the Lawyer – Betty White´s Elka Quotes

Elka: Hey Nice and Easy
Victoria: Yeah I picked this up yesterday
Elka: That´s great dear, but I was talking about Melanie and Joy

Melanie: We are having a day of beauty, you know, fighting the good fight
Elka: Well, lay down your weapons lady, time won

Joy: You are crankier than usual, what happens

Elka: That slut from the senior center. AKA Fat Ass Hagford
Victoria: You have so many colorful names for her: Fat Ass Hagford, Agnes Fatfurt, I forgot her real name, what is it again?
Elka: Bitch

Joy: It´s like sex in a suit
Melanie: If he´s a Jehova witness I´m converting

Elka: I hope you are my lawyer, because I´m defenseless

Elka: I think you forgot the rest of your outfit upstairs, with your dignity

Melanie: You know when sometimes my voice get low and sensual like…
Elka: A young Larry King

Elka: I´ll walk you to the door, if I can remember where it is

Melanie: I don´t care what he´s wearing. I´m just picturing him on top of me

Melanie: He was obviously attracted to me. He said I have an honest face
Victoria: Abe Lincoln had too

Judge: Just get to the example Fellini

Elka: See you losers, I got a date

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