hot-in-cleveland-sisterhood-travelling-spanx-quotes-spoilersBetty White is unleashed in this TV Land comedy Hot in Cleveland. She plays the role of Elka and every second she´s on screen it´s magic. Well, it´s Betty White nonetheless. Tonight, a new episode of Hot in Cleveland aired called The Sisterhood of the travelling Spanx in which While Elka receives bad news from her new lawyer, the other ladies all vie for his attention.Melanie tries to attract a doctor, and Joy begins dating a younger man. Meanwhile, Victoria gets into an argument with Melanie Griffith.

Best Quotes from Hot in Cleveland S02E04 Sisterhood of the travelling spanx

Joy: My fake fiancee dumped me so I can´t even keep a phony relationship

Joy: Spanx? I´m confused, not to mention offended

Psychic: Spanx is working

Joy: Do Psychic take credit cards?

Elka: There were more bowl of tissues in that bus floor than a teenagers bedroom
Melanie: Elka!
Elka: What? Teenagers cry a lot

Victoria: Obviously the only true psychics are in LA

Oliver: I didn´t remember the babysitter having a british accent, but then I thought hey, better, she sounds like Mary Poppins

Joy: Tonight you are stuck with “WhydidIbuyanewdress” Joy

Victoria: I´m poor and out of a job, it´s the best time to believe in magic

Melanie Griffith: You know my mother is just a little older than you

Melanie Griffith: You forgot I did all my stunts in Crazy in Alabama
Victoria: And you forgot a little Lifetime Original movie called soccer mom ninja

Melanie: Spanx
Doctor: You´re welcome

Doctor: That picture is adorable

Doctor: How about over dinner this week
Melanie: Great, I´ll be hungry this week

Elka: No And, just take the compliment

Elka: So, how long are we gonna yank her chain?

Joy: There´s always adoption
Victoria: Yes, you gave one away, you take one back

Elka: Desperate times call for desperate measures

Elka: That´s right, I spanxed him

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