olivia wilde casting house md replace season seven thirteenHouse MD is in production stage… With season seven coming soon and a lot of Huddy love in House´s season seven premiere, there´s a void to fill…

The void left by Olivia Wilde´s character after her departure from the show.

So, producers of House MD are casting for a female doctor to replace thirteen for a while, probably a multi episode arc.

Who should House MD casting call end up handing the gig to?

Is there any chance to audition for House MD Female Doctor role? Well… of course there is… that´s if they call you to do it. This is not an open audition to House MD season seven female doctor role.

But you can feel free to speculate who could be cast in House MD new season to replace Thirteen… let´s also remember Olivia Wilde is coming back, so it´s not a permanent spot… unless people fall in love with the new character and they somehow find a way to keep both.

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