hugh laurie to direct house mdGreat news for House´s fans. Hugh Laurie will be directing episode 17 of season six.

The episode is slated to shoot in January and air March 22. “He starts prep when we get back [from the holiday break],” reveals exec producer Katie Jacobs to Michael Ausiello. “Hugh has been there since day one through every single episode, so he’s phenomenally smart and his instincts are [impeccable],” Jacobs says. “This is going to be great for morale, because there’s no one that the cast and crew and the writers want to work harder for than our leader.”

Katie Jacobs also added that the episode of House MD Hugh Laurie will direct is not going to be a traditional episode.

So, what is it? The long expected House and Cuddy sex scene? A break up between Lucas and Cuddy? The return of Cameron to House´s team? Foreman and thirteen getting together?