house-carrot-stick-quotes-spoilers-recapAnother great episode on our favourite doctor on tv. House had an all new episode called Carrot or Stick, in which A teenage military trainee at a juvenile offender training camp suffers peculiar symptoms after enduring an intense training course, and mysteriously, his drill sergeant is soon admitted for similar symptoms. Unable to track down the cause of the shared illness, the team searches for clues in the trainee’s family medical history, and Masters and House reveal a unique bond between the sergeant and trainee. Meanwhile, when an indecent photo of Chase is posted on a social-networking site following three different romantic encounters, Chase is determined to find out which girl is trying to publicly disgrace him. Also, sensing Cuddy’s stress over her daughter Rachel’s enrollment at a prestigious preschool, House secretly prepares Rachel for observations and reveals a soft spot for the toddler.

Quotes from House MD S07E10 – Carrot or Stick

Lindon: Can´t doesn´t exist here

Chase: That is me, but that is not me

Foreman: He slept with three women
Martha: Oh you are a whore

Chase: Technically I´m not nude

Chase: My password was “password”
Martha: You are a dumb whore

Taub: I want you to know how much your humiliation has eased my burden

House: Score one for tough love

Dr Phillips: You want me to hook you up with two women?
Chase: Actually three

House: How do you cheat on a test, when there´s no test

Taub: You are a beautiful man. Can I leave now?

House: The goal of this game is to not kill you

Chase: Sorry, I guess my forensics analysis wasn´t as advanced as I thought

Foreman: You are extraordinairily screwed

House: Cancel that credit card, find that girl, and marry her

Wilson: This isn´t weird at all

Wilson: House, She´s not a dog, but really seems to be working. Does Cuddy know that Rachel is here and you are turning her into a Schnauzer

Chase: Connection? It was a threesome

Chase: How old are you?
Girl: Eighteen. Next month

Girl: My parents won´t even let me on networking sites. Too many sexual predators

Taub: Being dead makes keeping secrets much easier

Chase: I just had an idea
House: Relevant to our case?
Chase: No
House: Sit down

House: She seems so dumb, but when the pressure was on, she knew what to do

House: You don´t think a white guy can´t be a bad dad?

Chase: I´m sorry. Let me prove it to you by taking you out to dinner, and not having sex later

Recap of House MD S07E10 – Carrot or Stick

Recap by MikeSaros and inwrjh

Open at a boot camp for troubled youth. The drill instructor yells at a teenage boy who is complaining about pain and not able to keep up. The drill instructor’s back seizes up and the kid is only too happy to let him suffer without help.

A photoshopped picture of a shirtless Chase featuring comically small genitalia has popped up on his profile at a social media site. The picture was taken in a bathroom during the wedding where Chase slept with three different women. House arrives and they discuss our drill instructor, 38, who is having urinary blockage and it becomes clear Masters has a huge problem with what she deems his “bullying.” Tests are ordered and House makes it known he’s seen Chase’s profile.

Cuddy tells House she is looking at first-choice preschool for Rachel. Though he doesn’t say it out loud, House seems unsure of her intelligence.

During his tests, drill instructor Driscoll explains to Masters the reason the kids he works with need such severe discipline. His problem has better results than juvi and Masters is stunned.

Chase’s password has been changed and he no longer has control over his page. Unfortunately for Chase he can’t remember the names of the women he slept with that night.

Driscoll’s urinary problem was nerve-related and more tests are ordered. While Masters draws blood he loses control and grabs her around the neck.

High concentration of a few drugs could cause the combination of symptoms Driscoll is experiencing. They consider he might have been poisoned.

Chase gets the names of the girls.

House looks into ways he can help Rachel cheat on her preschool entrance testing, telling Wilson he thinks she’s dumb.

At the camp Masters continues to complain to Foreman about their methods. The talk to the kid from the opening, Landon, who we learn gets it much worse from Driscoll than anyone else. He doesn’t seem worried about getting in trouble given that his mother is dead and he’s never met his father. But based on the fact a buddy’s allergies are acting up they suspect Landon may have given Driscoll a large amount of antihistamines.

Driscoll has his system flushed and he apologizes to Masters. His heart begins to race and Foreman takes quick action.

This latest symptom means that Driscoll did not have antihistamine toxicity. The latest on Chase’s profile is that he’s changed his status to indicate he is only interested in incredibly large women. House orders more tests for Driscoll.

House goes to the school pretending to be investigating a medical situation. He catalogues the toys used for the initial play dates.

During another test Driscoll tells Masters he knows that Landon drugged him. He’s had trouble reaching Landon and Masters suggests he should have tried another way. She thinks Landon needs to know Driscoll is on his side.

Before going to see the women Chase analyzes the picture from the hotel room. Taub guesses the woman was shorter than him.

House doesn’t have much success during his initial round with the toys. She eats the pieces.

The first girl Chase goes to see reminds him that she was wearing heels during their encounter. It couldn’t have been her.

More dead ends for Driscoll, who is getting worse. They get a call that Landon is in the ER with identical symptoms as Driscoll.

Driscoll and Landon are now in the same room and Landon clearly hates Driscoll.

Chase’s mystery antagonist has now made a donation using his credit card in the name of the one of the hospital’s top administrators. The next guess for Driscoll is lyme disease.

When Landon resists Masters’ attempt to give him a pill to help him she goes the route of kindness, explaining the situation plainly and getting him another pillow. He seems to respond and takes the drug. Driscoll tosses over the remote, over which they had been arguing.

House is using dog training techniques to teach Rachel the puzzles. To Wilson chagrin it seems to be working.

The second of Chase’s girls (part of the threesome) turns out to be 17 and still in high school. But it isn’t her.

Landon tries to make a dash for the exit. He is in possession of Masters’ keys, which he stole from her pocket. Driscoll has yet another setback as his legs seizing up.

Kidney dysfunction has to be part of Driscoll’s problem. Masters mentions that Driscoll seemed to be treating Landon nicer and House (who is working on a hot sauce training technique for Rachel) orders them both given the same anti-toxins.

While giving the anti-toxins, Masters learns that Landon has never actual been in trouble with the law. Unlike every other kid in the camp Landon was not court-ordered to be there and Driscoll has no immediate answer for why that is the case.

The third woman tells Chase she slept him with in order to make her boyfriend jealous. She has no motive to make her cheating public.

Masters tells House she found something out after speaking to family services. House goes to see Driscoll after Landon is removed from the room for a procedure. House tells Driscoll he knows that he secretly paid Landon’s enrollment to the camp. House thinks the only reason he would do this is if he was dead-beat father trying to get back in his son’s life. “Please, don’t tell him,” Driscoll says.

The family connection is confirmed but the teams still doesn’t have an answer. During this discussion of family Chase has an idea.

Masters talks to Driscoll about Landon. Driscoll only found out until months after Landon’s mother died. He doesn’t think he can tell Landon because if he dies all Landon will know is that he was a guy who yelled at him. Masters thinks Landon needs a father more than a drill instructor.

Rachel does so well during the play date that one of the employees of the preschool asks whether Rachel had been coached. Cuddy says she’s never done anything and asks Rachel if she’d played the games before. Rachel looks right at House before saying “No, mamma.”

While with a patient House is ecstatic that it seems Rachel talent lying means she is really bright.

House realizes that pain meds given to Landon had the same triggering reaction the antihistamines die with his father. House says only they have a genetic similarity and that medication and an eventual liver transplant will provide a cure. Driscoll wonders whether two patients in their case could share a liver. When Landon wonders how that would work Driscoll tells him he is his father.

Chase figures out that the sister of one of the girls he slept with is to blame. She was sharing a room with her sister and caught him up there when she came to change shoes. She tells him she did all of this because they had spoken for a few minutes but he’d become uninterested when she said she didn’t sleep with men on the first date. She thought he had good been a guy at some point in his life and figured some negative reinforcement was in order. Chase ends up asking her out on a date and she turns him down.

Driscoll tells Landon they need to talk, but Landon isn’t interested. “You’re my son,” he says. “I’m not going anywhere.”

There turns out not to be enough room for Rachel at the school. House tells Cuddy that she’ll be fine, since she’s “a smart kid.” Rachel crawls into his lap and Cuddy smiles.

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