lawrence-kutnerKutner is a good guy, and a nice character, but he has no part in the plot… yet.

So where are the writers of House MD going with Kutner? This is a Spoiler theory for House MD Season 5! So don´t read on if you are still behind, and haven´t reached season 5.

  • Is Kutner going to have a romantic interest? If so… it should be a new actress in the show…
  • Perhaps he finds the romantic interest in Taub? House MD hasn´t have a gay main character yet. Is Kutner gay?
  • We are all about Thirteen and her illness… but what about Kutner? Is Kutner dying?

Don´t get me wrong… I love his character… it provides a nice relief… but he doesn´t move anything in the plot…

So… what will happen to Kutner in House MD Season 5?

What do you think?