We are all waiting for the return of House MD January 19th for the episode Painless.

Right… but what´s up next?

Let´s see:

Fox just unveiled the episode names up to episode 17 of season 5

  • House MD So5 E13 “Big Baby” airing on January 26th 2009
  • House MD S05 E14 “The Greater Good” airing on February 2nd. Also episode 100 of House MD
  • House MD S05 E15 “Unfaithful” airing on February 9th 2009.
  • House MD S05 E16 “The Softer Side” airing on February 16th 2009.
  • House MD S05 E17 “The Social Contract” airing on March 9th 2009 after a three week non episode span.

Let the spoilers begin!