Well, we are already preparing ourselves for a new season on House in which Cuddy left House MD for good… but how will that work?
Well, at least there´s a chance to see something in the line of season six premiere when House was in a mental institution. In this case, House will be in prison, can you imagine House in jail?
Well, I know, he had it long coming… but he´s our favourite doctor!

According to Mr Spoiler himself, House production vans setting up shop outside a Los Angeles-area prison. That, combined with some recent casting buzz, strongly suggests that Season 8 will kick off with Dr. Crankypants doing hard time.

What is this all meaning? Let´s see. Gregory House in prison works, mainly because it follow what Cuddy said in the season finale, that she wanted House in jail, but not only that; it can give the sensation of the time passing by and explaining why Cuddy is no longer in; and can also introduce some new characters to the show.

We´ll see how this works out.

What do you think about Gregory House going to prison? Can you picture Gregory House in Jail? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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