what-not-to-wear-casting-auditionsClinton Kelly and Stacy London are two of the biggest fashion connoisseurs around, and they are now looking for you to nominate one of your friends or family members to a makeover.
TLC’s What Not to Wear NEEDS NY women whose wardrobes are screaming for a complete transformation! Is there someone you know who is an EXTREME fashion disaster? Now is the chance to help her score $5,000 in a new wardrobe and a professional makeover.

One thing is key: Nominations must be kept a secret to the person you are nominating.

The information you need to send is:
-Name of Nominee:
-Her Age:
-Marital Status:
-Home location:
-Describer her personality:
-Why should our show help her when she hasn’t bothered to help herself?
(Hint: lack of money or self-esteem is NOT the answer we are looking for)
-Describe her style in full detail:
-At least 4 pictures that illustrate her bad style (must show her clothing—no costumes!)
-Nominator’s (you!) name and contact information:

How to submit for What not to wear casting call auditions?

Visit this link

What do you think? Will you nominate somene to audition to What not to Wear with Clinton and Stacy?
Let me know how it goes.
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